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Microblading vs. Ombre Powder vs. Combo Brows

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Microblading took the world by storm in 2015. It has the ability to provide an immediate gratification of "hair-like" brows. It was then quickly being replace by Ombre Powder, due to its temperament and limitation. They all fall under the category of Semi-permanent Brows, by understanding the differences between the techniques can help you make your choice.


Tool: A hand blade consists a row of 14-18 needles (pictures above)

Microblading is a technique in which, we use the hand blade to slice different pattern of lines (ie. cuts) to the top layers of the skin. Within each line, the pigment is deposited at the same time. The concept is to replicate "hair-like" pattern for the eyebrows.


  • Immediate gratification: looks like real hair right away because the cuts are fresh therefore, they are still thin and fine.

  • Works for clients who already have good foundation of brows: natural brow hair and correct Golden Ratio measurements. (What is Golden Ratio?)

  • Suitable for normal to good skin type


  • Invasive

  • Each of these cuts then healed and expanded after a few weeks. They no longer look thin and fine like when they were just done and will continue to become blurry overtime.

  • Inconsistent fading: Each of these lines fades inconsistently. They could either become shorter, break or completely fade within the next few months.

  • Due its unpredictable nature, this technique is not suitable for brows that are patchy, correction of Golden Ratio measurements, or correction of asymmetry.

  • It is not suitable for brows that already had work done in the past.

  • Risk of micro-scar tissues, if done more than 2 times. It is still an invasive technique after all.

  • Not suitable for mature or oily skin.

  • Not suitable for alopecia or little to no brow hair.

Ombre Powder

Tool: A pen machine consists of a single needle

Ombre Powder is a technique in which, we use a machine to insert pigment into the skin through stippling/flicking motion. Like the concept in makeup, it involves blending to soften providing a powdery finish.


  • Consistent fading as pigment was deposit throughout the surface as micro dots, not as lines.

  • Non-invasive (ie. using only 1 needle, not 16 needles at a time)

  • Works with all skin types

  • Suitable for brows that are patchy, needing asymmetry correction, or pigment correction due to previous work.

  • Suitable for alopecia or little to no brow hair.

  • Soft and powdery therefore, natural.

  • Artist has the flexibility to build coverages of powder (i.e. Light coverage, medium coverage or compact coverage) depending on clients' desire.


  • Temporary boldness for the first 2 weeks

Combo Brows

Tools: Microblading blade (12-18 needles) and Powder Machine Pen (1 needle)

Combo Brows is also known as Microshading in which, we combined both of the techniques above together. Combo Brows exists for clients who still want the stroke look but hoping to prolong the shape a little longer. By nature, Microblading strokes would still go through the inconsistent fading. However, because of the consistent aspect of Ombre Powder technique, therefore clients can still keep their shape as oppose to Microblading alone.

There are two styles: Full on Powder and full on Microblading, or Microblading strokes in the front of the brows and Powder out the rest.


  • Brows don't look as patchy when the Microblading strokes fade

  • Suitable for normal to good skin type

  • Less number of time Microblading strokes hit the skin


  • Microblading can only be done twice before the skin develops micro-scar tissues

  • Microblading strokes still possess the inconsistent fading aspect, by nature.

  • After a few months, strokes eventually blend into the powder.

  • Though less, but still somewhat invasive due to Microblading technique

When coming to your appointment, as a part of consultation we recommend you to come in with your brows filled in the way you normally would every day. This helps us to further our understanding in your daily makeup routine contributing to better consultation in choosing the right technique for you. We are located in Old Town Scottsdale and are voted as Best Microblading - Top 30 Brow Salons in Arizona.

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