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What is Eyebrow Golden Ratio? How to Measure Your Brows.

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Golden Ratio by definition is the golden section, golden mean or achieving a divine proportion.

During the European Renaissance, renowned artists and architects used an equation known as the "golden ratio" to map out their masterpieces. Thousands of years later, scientists adopted this mathematical formula to help explain why some people are considered beautiful…and others are not.

"Beauty is about balance and proportion – not perfection," said Anastasia Beverly Hills, and it essentially means that harmony is found through this balance and proportion. By choosing a brow shape that corresponds to your features, it creates a sense of harmony. If you plaster on just any style, that harmony may be disrupted.

Whether you long for Mila Kunis's feathery fullness or Eva Mendes's razor-sharp arches, the shape that we often desire aren't always the equipped to flatter our unique features. At MaiLash Brows, we use what's called the Golden Ratio in Eyebrows to measure and help you find your brow shape soul mate.

A: The front brows ideally should begin directly above the middle of your nostrils.

B: The highest point of the arch can be measured by length of your eye which, should connect the middle of the tip of the nose with the middle of the iris.

C: Ends where the nostril connects with the outer corner of the eye which, forms a V from the cupid bow of the lips to the outer corner of the eye.

D: To avoid droopiness, your brow tail should not dip lower than the front brow.

*Tips: The higher you lift the tail, the more lifting and youthful you give to the entire look of the face.

"Brows are sisters, not twin!"

We will balance the symmetry of the brows as much as possible. Symmetry may also be affected by multiple factors such as forehead muscles, brow bone, etc.

During the appointment, we will measure your brows accordingly and draw the shape based on these measurements. After you have approved the shape or making appropriate adjustments, we will then begin with the procedure.

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