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Eyeliner Tattoo / Lash Line Enhancement Arizona

“The eyes are windows to the soul”


Besides from having Eyelash Extensions, Eyeliner is the quickest way to enhance the beauty of the eyes. Semi-permanent Eyeliner is a form of Eyeliner Tattoo. Pigment can be deposited on the top of the lash line or in-between the lash line. At MaiLash Brows we specialize in Semi-permanent makeup applications, your artist will help you choose the right type of eyeliner that fit with your desired result

❌Please check if you have any of these contraindications before proceed!❌


Eyeliner Realistic Expectations, Pre-Care and After-Care Instructions
Consider Eyeliner Tattoo If:

You have difficulty applying eye liner because of unsteady hands or poor sight.

You are allergic to eye makeup or eyelash extensions.

Your eyelashes are thin and super fine.

Eyeliners always smudge due to extensive work out, lifestyle, etc.

You want to brighten your eyes, adding depth to the eyes.

You want a subtle enhancement to the eyes.

Types of Eyeliner Tattoo


Lash Liner (aka. Lash Line Enhancement) is a great technique to bring subtle enhancement to create depth for the eyes. It adds charm to your lash line making them appear fuller, without looking like you have eyeliner. It is a liner that is applied in-between your eyelashes and underneath the top lash line (right on the waterline of top lashes). It is a similar concept to “tight-lining” in makeup artistry.

Suitable for clients with light color eyes as this will add a pop.

Combo Lash Liner + Eyeliner is MaiLash Brows signature technique in combining the two techniques of depositing pigment in-between the eyelashes and on the top of the lash line. This gives a little more pop than the Lash Line Enhancement alone but still resembling a natural enhancement. Combine them with a wing if you like a cat eye flick, if you have enough lid space.


Lash Liner Tattoo
(Lash Line Enhancement)
$300 with Senior Artists
$350 with Master Artist

Initial Appointment

Deposit $100 to hold initial appointment.

Touch Up 8-10 week is separate $100 (only pay if needed)

Combo Lash Liner + Thin Eyeliner

$400 with Senior Artists
* 6/01 - 6/30 Specials $300
Use Code: SUMMER202

$500 with Master Artist

Initial Appointment

Deposit $100 to hold initial appointment.

Touch Up 8 -10 week is separate $100 (only pay if needed)

Additional Add-on

Increase of Thickness or Stardust/Shadow added:  $50

Touch Up on Other's Work
or Existing Tattoo

(Price varies $300 - 500)

Please text us your Eyeliner Pictures under natural lighting (ie. facing a window) 480-707-3399.

We would need to assess the saturation of the pigment, any micro-scar tissues present, techniques, etc.

If you reserve a spot without sending us a picture prior, we reserve the right to declined continuation of the appointment, if the previous work is not fitted for our technique and deposit will be forfeit.

Current Client Touch Ups
Current clients only need to touch up once a year or once every two years, if work was done by our studio)

Touch Up (8-10 weeks):  $100

Regular Touch Up (11 - 16 weeks):  $150

Regular Touch Up (17 weeks - 8 months): $200

Annual Touch Up (9 - 14 months):  $300

Annual Touch Up (15 - 24 months): $350


Payments are broken in 3 increments

Deposit: $100 non-refundable is due at the time of booking . Deposit is forfeit if appointment is cancelled. May reschedule within 72 hours advanced notice and up to 2 times within a year.

Touch Up: $100 is due at touch up between 6 - 8 weeks of the initial. Passing 8 weeks is considered to be a Regular Touch Up ($150)

Initial Appointment: The remaining of the total is due at the initial appointment.

We reserve the right to refuse services. Prices are subject to change anytime.

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