Professionals worldwide trust MaiLash Premium Mink Eyelash Extensions brand. We offer a variety of synthetic mink eyelashes from diameter of 0.15mm to the feather lightweight 0.05mm and weightless 0.03mm. Our lashes maintain a nice curl ranging from natural to medium to dramatic curl; with individualized lengths from 7mm to 16mm.


Before each appointment, we take the time to consult with each of our clients to fully understand the desired result you want to achieve. Our skillful artists will customize the extensions based on the growth pattern of the natural lashes and your specific needs. Our technicians take exceptional pride in maintaining a high standard of hygiene and professional application, as well as proper techniques.


The application procedure so relaxing that most clients even fall asleep. Many wake up stunned and amazed to see gorgeous lashes. We are confident that you will see and feel the differences in our applications. The results will speak for themselves!

How To Take Care of Lashes - Client AfterCare



Traditional 1 on 1 extension where, one extension of 0.15mm goes onto each of the natural lashes.

(Approx.  60 – 150 minutes, depending on the client’s natural lashes and artist's speed.)

Classic New Set SPECIAL:  $99

(Special applies to all artists, except Kayla and Paris)



New Set with Lash Artist Kayla and Paris:  $120




The most luxurious type of lashes being used. Our MaiLash Feather Lightweight Lashes, 0.05mm or 0.03mm allows the artist to the flexibility to tailor a set to client’s desire, natural or dramatic. These lashes are ultra lightweight and feel softer.

(Approx.  60 – 150 minutes, depending on the client’s natural lashes and artist's speed.)


Volume New Set:   $150

(Special:  $130)

(Special applies to all artists, except Mai Le, Kayla, Ann and Paris)

New Set with Lash Artist - Kayla, Ann, Paris:   $170

(Special:  $150)

New Set with Lash Artist – Mai Le:   $170


Time frame varies by client's natural lashes and artist's speed.

2 Weeks Refill

(approx. 30-75 mins)

All artists:  $55

Kayla/ Ann/ Paris:  $58

Mai Le: $60

3 Weeks Refill

(approx. 40-75 mins)

All artists:  $65

Mai Le/ Kayla/ Ann/ Paris:  $68

4 Weeks Refill

(approx. 45-80 mins)

All artists:  $75

Mai Le/ Kayla/ Ann/ Paris:  $78

Extended Refill

(approx. 45-90 mins)

(This option is for current clients only, who has less than 40% of lashes left)

All artists:  $85

Mai Le/ Kayla/ Ann/ Paris:  $88

Style Change/Extended Refill

This option is for new clients who, have at least 30-40% of lashes from previous work still intact or would like to switch from one type to another (i.e. Classic to Volume). A new set must be booked if there's less than 30% of lashes left.

All artists:  $95

Mai Le/ Kayla/ Ann/ Paris:  $98


Lash Removal:  $20 - $30

Fixing:  $15 - $30

Megavolume : + $10 - $20

Emergency / Mini Refill (approx. 20-30 mins):   $40

(For Current client Only, 7 days or less.

New clients, please book at least a 3 weeks refill so your artist has appropriate time. We will need to adjust to other studio's work )

Lash Shampoo:   $7

A deep clean lash shampoo that, gives your lashes squeaky cleanliness. Our Sterile Eyelid Lash Cleanser will completely remove all dirt and kill lash bacteria. We will recommend this option if your lashes still have a lot of makeup residue that prevents us from giving a quality service.

We reserve the right to refuse services. Prices are subject to change anytime.

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