Natural Beauty Enhanced





Mailash & Brows is a professional eyelash extension and semi-permanent makeup company that provides both services and products to clients and licensed professionals. 


Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with clients while, bringing quality products to serve the beauty industry. We pride ourselves in providing the best quality eyelashes and microblading while, maintaining prices affordable.


We believe that eyelashes and eyebrows completely transform a person’s look thus, boosting self-confidence. We make sure to provide the best applications by using the finest products and most current techniques in the industry.





MaiLash & Brows is a team of independent committed technicians to provide top-notched eyelash and semi-permanent treatments. It is our priority to have clients leave with complete satisfaction.


All members of MaiLash & Brows were chosen for their unparalleled commitment to excellence and proven skills. They all have been trained by and worked along side with Mai Le. Each of our talented lash and microblading technicians is more than just a technician. They are all artists who, pride themselves on customer care and creativity. Our artists bring unique passion to their crafts as they work to provide expert advice, professional courtesy and technical excellence to each treatment.

We truly believe everyone is unique in his or her own features. It is our mission to help clients rediscover this uniqueness.  We identify our clients’ natural beauty features and enhance them by designing style and shape to showcase their inner and outer beauty.





Our application techniques utilize only our best extensions and semi-permanent tools. MaiLash & Brows products are safe, durable; and have been widely used by many professionals. Every application is performed with skills and satisfaction in mind.




Our modern studio is beautifully designed to give clients a warm and inviting atmosphere. Our friendly staff is there to help guiding you throughout the process of treatments.


Salon Manager

Unlike most salon owners, David's background is in Aerospace Engineer. In 2015, he decided to do something out of the ordinary and ventured into a new industry. Inspired the beauty industry, MaiLash & Brow Studio was born.

MaiLash & Brows was founded based on the core values and believes, "To enhance natural beauty providing elite services and products."  Today, our company MaiLash & Brows continues to grow bringing the best products to professionals; while providing top-notched quality services helping each client discover their natural beauty and enhanced them.


We are more than a company that provides services and products. We are a personal brand that reflects hard-working artists who do what we love; bringing state of the art to the next level.


Having happy clients who love us is priceless. To be able to fulfill clients’ desires of recognizing their uniqueness and enhancing natural beauty features is therapeutic. Our team has worked tirelessly to ensure elite quality services. Words cannot describe how thankful we are, to have all of you trusting our work. MaiLash & Brows could not be here today without your love and support!


Salon Manager

After graduating with a Bachelor Degree in Business Retail Management and working in management positions in banking.  In 2015, Mai Le decided to follow her passion entering the beauty industry, starting with a strong focus in Semi-Permanent Makeup and Eyelash Extensions. She has trained with world renowned Grand Master Lash Artist Irina Levchuk in Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions. Her desire of helping women feel pretty with minimal makeup routine drives her to provide top-notch applications.


Mai Le’s passion in detailed work and commitment in helping men and women feel self-confident, challenged her to deep diving into doing more semi-permanent makeup procedures. The more she does it, the more it drives her to be the best.  She has trained with the founder of eyebrow microblading, the Grand Master David Zhang and Grand Master Sviastoslav Otchenash in the art of Permanent Makeup applications such as powder eyebrows, eyeliners and lip blush.


Over the years she has acquired abundant skills from many masters through conferences and workshops. She believes that the amount of years of experience should never be used to judge an artist’s credentials. We are artists, we live and breath beauty-art. It all boils down to hard work, having a talented eye for beauty, how well an artist expresses their art through results will speak for themselves!


Mai Le is well respected in the industry. She was awarded to be the World Individual Lash Master through competitions, Certified Educator, Judge, and Conference Speaker. Many students have sought to learn from not only her skills but, the spirit behind each beauty-art work.



Licensed Esthetician

Grand Master Lash Artist
Master Microblading Artist

Permanent Makeup Artist

- Licensed Esthetician (AZ #31400922)

- Certified Lash Trainer by Lash Inc. international and National Association of Lash Artists.

- Lash Competition Judge

- Lash & Brow Speaker

- 3rd Rank in World Individual Lash Master 2015 competition.

- Runner up in Lash Summit 2016 Competition.

Eyelash Extensions Certifications:

   Lash & Brow Design Academy by Irina Levchuk,  Lash FX,  LashOut Pro,  JB Lashes.

Permanent Makeup (Eyebrows Powder - Eyeliner - Lips) Certifications:

   Sviastoslav Otchenash Academy, Anna Dixon, Will Anthony, Andrea Toth, Anastasia Gilmanova, Rusen Dutch Art Academy.

Microblading Certifications:

   David Brow Art Academy,  Irina Chen Academy.

Machine HairStrokes Certifications:

   Monica Ivani, Sviastoslav Otchenash.

Bachelor of Science in Retail Management & Consumer Sciences, University of Arizona.

Mai Le has successfully done Eyebrow work on all clients: male eyebrows, alopecia patients, trichotillomania patients, wax-ident clients, clients with thin eyebrow hair, etc.

*All Gallery pictures and social media work are done by master artitst Mai Le.