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Eyeliner / Lash Liner Tattoo

  • Eyeliner is pigment that is deposited on the top of the lashes, like an eyeliner.

  • Lash Liner (aka. water line, lash line enhancement is pigment deposited in between the eyelashes and just right under the lash line

  • Combo Lash liner and thin eyeliner is MaiLash Brows signature technique in depositing pigment on the top of the lashes like an eyeliner, combined with lash line enhancement meaning depositing pigment in between the eyelashes as well. Creating a darker illusion of lashes.

  • Clients with light colored eye/eyelashes will see a difference with just the Lash Liner.

  • Clients with darker color eye/eyelashes will not see much difference with Lash Liner only, rather you should opt for the Combo 

  • Great option for clients who cannot wear Eyelash Extensions.

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