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Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Semi-permanent Eyeliner or Lash Line Enhancement is a tattoo procedure to enhance the eyes. Lash Line Enhancement (a.k.a. Lash Liner) gives the eyes the most natural pop by filling in-between the lashes, right on the water line. Light color eyes will see more result with Lash Line Enhancement. Eyeliner gives a bolder effect, depending on the thickness. Combo Eyeliner and Lash Liner is more suitable for dark color eyes.



🔹 1 Month Prior: Please Stop usage of all lash growth serums. Your lash line will be extremely sensitive and pigment will not take well.

🔹 Before the appointment, please remove all eyelash extensions. We cannot perform the procedure if there are still lashes, they will get stuck between the needles.

🔹 If you would like to get Lash Lift or Tint, please do so 4-5 days before the procedure.

🔹 Do not wear contact lens to the appointment and 48 hours after. The area is still tender.

🔹 Bring sunglasses. Your eyes could be light sensitive, and puffy or dilated immediately after. The majority of clients can still drive home.



🔹 Eyes will be a bit swollen, red or puffy immediately after the procedure and within 24-48 hours.

🔹 There will be puffiness the following morning when you wake up. This will be the worst of all the swelling. DON’T BE ALARMED! Swelling is a natural reaction of your body to trauma.

 🔹 Most clients normally return to work in 1 day.

 🔹 Pigment will appear intensely black immediately after the procedure. As you are going through the healing process, pigment will soften. As time goes by, the black color in the pigment will slowly lose its intensity.

 🔹 Semi-Permanent Eyeliner is not meant to completely replace eyeliner makeup. It is meant to be a foundation or as a guideline for you to apply thicker liner on the top if you wish to.

 🔹 Semi-permanent eyeliner is a procedure that meant to “enhance” the eyes, not “overpowering” the eyes. As a rule of thumb, don’t over-do it!

🔹 Therefore, we do not recommend super thick eyeliner due to the fading aspect. Overtime the tattoo does not look pleasant when it is too thick because it is too saturated.

🔹 Symmetry of Cat Eye Flick: We try our best to balance both sides. However, the symmetry of the wing or cat eye flick depends majorly on the symmetry of your EYELID FOLDS.

  • If your lid folds are not the same meaning one eye is smaller, it will will affect the symmetry of the cat eye flick.

  • If you naturally have many fold lines, it will affect the symmetry of cat eye flick.

  • If your eye skin folds down due to aging, we don’t recommend doing a cat eye flick as they will be hidden underneath the skin causing uneven healing.

 🔹 We do not recommend doing brown, as mentioned, the black color in pigment will lose the intensity after healed. So brown will lose its intensity and fade to light gray.

 🔹 If you had eyeliner tattoo done, depending on how deep the previous work was done and the kind of ink that was used, there is no guaranteed that our pigment will take 100%.

 🔹 Your artist will recommend what is best for you and your eye shape based on her expertise.




🔶 Apply a cold compress wrap in a clean paper towel for swelling and redness right after the procedure and throughout the day.

🔶 Re-wetting eye drops or multi-purpose solutions can be used anytime if your eyes feel dry.

🔶 Rinse your eyes with eye drops or clean water in the morning and evening for first 24 hours to rinse out any accumulated pigment that may be left.

🔶 Apply A & D Ointment 2 times/day (morning and night) using a NEW q-tip each time, in dabbing motion. It should not look greasy. Do not reuse q-tip to prevent infection.

🔶 Sleeping with a pillow slightly elevated for the first night will help with puffiness the next day.



🔺 Avoid mascara and eye makeup in general until completely healed (all scabbing done). The makeup can get into the follicles causing clogs which, can lead to infection while healing.

🔺 Use a NEW mascara tube and new eye makeup brush to prevent infection.

🔺 Do not peel/touch the crust over your eyeliner. If the the crust is still attached to the skin, do not peel it off.

🔺 Never apply peroxide or steroid creams around your eyes while healing

🔶 The only thing you should be applying throughout the scabbing process is the ointment we give.



🔹 A Touch up should be done between 7-8 weeks to further implant pigment into the area.

🔹  After above Touch up:

  • Lash Liner tends to fade faster than the eyeliner, so you would need to touch up annually.

  • Combo Eyeliner and Lash Liner tends to last longer, usually around 2 years, sometimes 3-4 years.

MaiLash Brows has been providing Semi-permanent makeup since 2015. We are voted as one of the best salons in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2020.

Text/Call us (480) 707-3399

Follow our Instagram: @MaiLashBrows and @MaiLashBrowStudio

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