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Who is Microblading for?

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

The battle in choosing whether you should get Microblading or Ombre Powder is an on-going question that, everyone who is pondering upon getting Semi-permanent Brows are asking. Understanding if your brows are suited for Microblading can help eliminate future concerns.

Microblading is only suitable for clients who: - Already have good foundation brows (meaning brows that are Golden Ratio on point) - Seeking very little change to the current brow shape - Have normal to good skin type

In this quick video, Mai Le shows what Healed Microblading strokes look like and the truth of it while, minimizing trauma to the skin from Microblading technique.

A few important keys: 🔑 Only suitable for clients with good foundation of natural brow hair. 🔑 Can only be done 2 times within 4-5 years to avoid risk of developing micro-scar tissues 🔑 If you have less natural brow hair, either the Ombré Powder or Combo Brows would be better.

The way we determine is by looking at the amount of brow hair that fills the entire frame, after the measurements. Brows that fill the frame like the example below (in the video) tells us that there's very little change needs to be made and that the brows are "golden ratio approved!" In this case, client can choose to go with Microblading technique. Because when the short-lived strokes begin to fade, the natural brow hair will cover them.

Clients who have very little to no brow hair, would not be suitable candidates for this technique.

See the natural brow hair laying nicely inside the drawn outline in pencil? The hair that is outside of this outline will be tweezed off. Brows like this would be suitable for Microblading technique.

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