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Semi-Permanent Eyebrow After Care & Realistic Expectations

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Semi-Permanent Makeup Eyebrows is a method designed to create a more natural result. The purpose of the procedure is to create a natural and realistic effect on your eyebrows, making it appear fuller, youthful, to fill in gaps and correct an undesirable shape and improve symmetry.


✔️ Your new eyebrows will go through several phases during the healing process of 7-14 days. Right after the application, the pigment may appear very dark and sharp. Your eyebrows may look like they are “painted on.” DO NOT PANIC! This is because the pigment is still sitting on the top and has not yet settled into the skin completely. The color of the pigment will soften after 2 weeks and will be lightened by 40-50% as they are healing.

✔️ Some temporary redness may occur if you have sensitive skin. This will subside and pigment will not be red after healed. You may feel tightness around your eyebrow area for the first week.

✔️ Once the healing taking place, there will be dandruff flakes and dry skin. This is just superficial color and dry skin being naturally removed from your eyebrows through scabbing.

✔️ Itching is absolutely normal as the skin is regenerating itself and new skin is forming. DO NOT PICK! Picking can lift color and pigment from the treated area resulting in unevenness and blank spots. Please let the brows flake off naturally.

🔶 Depending on your body’s regeneration, age, immune system and lifestyle that may contribute to the healing process. During the healing process, skin may appear peeling or scabbing, color may look weak, pinkish or grey. This will not be your final result. It takes a full 5-6 weeks or more for your true color to resurface. Please be patient and wait until you are fully healed before critiquing your eyebrows. Any refinements can be addressed at your follow up visit.

🔶 The way you take care of your eyebrows during the healing process plays an important role in the way it looks after it is healed. Improper aftercare may result eyebrows to be faded or patchy. Please read carefully the aftercare instructions on the following pages.

🔶 Keep in mind that because of the natural skin regeneration, after the recovery period brows might appear lighter than original, some original hair strokes/pigment may even fade. It is absolutely normal to have some areas fade more than others. Your skin regeneration is not a process that a technician can control as everyone’s physiology condition is different (i.e. depending on age, immune system, lifestyle, skin undertone, skin types, sebum oil production, hormones, etc.)

🔱 Semi-permanent makeup eyebrow is an enhancement to your natural brows that will give them the proper shape that you desired. As time goes by, powdering or penciling in the shape we created is definitely normal. Permanent Makeup is an art. It is not a “no maintenance” treatment, rather it is a “low maintenance.”



🔷 Color: Please keep in mind, we CANNOT implant a color that is the same as your hair dye or highlights if they are not naturally the same as your eyebrow hair. We recommend to go with a color that is similar to your natural brow hair or a shade darker. This is something that we pick out based on our years of experience in predicting how a color heals according to certain skin tones. Semi-permanent makeup pigment gets implanted into the top layer of the dermis and the color that you see will be a reflection of what your natural undertone combined. It is not just superficial color sitting on the top of the skin surface like a hair dye. Each individual’s physiology is different, by going with a more conservative color and taking one step at a time allow both you and your artist to see how your skin heals. We can always go darker if needed, in your follow up.

🔷 Symmetry: Eyebrows are not twins; they can only be sisters. The symmetry of the brows is affected by many factors on the face. Our face is naturally not symmetrical due to the differences in the forehead muscles, brow bones, and eyelids. Expecting 100% symmetry on your eyebrows is unrealistic.

For example: You may unconsciously using more forehead muscle on one side, causing that muscle to be more dominant overtime, therefore that brow always appear higher. The more dominant one side of the muscle is, the harder it is for the brow artist to correct. In this case, in combination you may also need to seek for an injector whom, job is to correct the forehead muscle itself. As brow artists, we cannot create eyebrows that are completely out of your natural shape. We can only find the median and balance them.

🔷  Nothing should be done before the 5th week, even if you believe that they are too dark or too light. Your skin needs to completely healed before the touch up. Touch up should be done between 5-6 weeks to ensure the best results.



Your technician will do their best to correct the previous color (reddish, orange, purple, gray, blueish) prior to implanting the target color on the top. Additional charge may apply for tattoo cover up. May require a third treatment.

Microblading is a hairstroke technique that gives off a natural result, but invasive that can result in micro-scars. Micro-scars are skin tissues that have become harden due to having your brows microblade yearly. New pigment is not easily absorbed on the top of micro-scars and may require time to settle.



A successful healed result depends on YOUR aftercare. Please follow the instructions very carefully! Like any cosmetic procedure, it is a process. Please be patient, the healing process takes at least 4 weeks before you can appreciate the result.



1)  Do not touch pick, peel, rub, or scratch the micro pigments on the eyebrows. It may cause scarring or uneven pigment loss. If they get too itchy, please use a dry clean Q-tip/napkin gently pressing along the brows to help relieve the itchiness. Be very careful not to press too hard that causes pigment to come off.

2)  Immediately after the procedure: for 5-10 minutes, pat off the lymph on your eyebrows with a dampen tissue.

3)  DO NOT get them wet for 24 HOURS!

4)  After 24 hours: Clean and Moisturize every day for 4 weeks by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Always use COOL WATER. Use a wet cotton round gently dab along the brows, 2 times/day (morning, and night). Gentle movement, without forcing the skin.

  • Step 2: Pat dry with a tissue, before applying oil!

  • Step 4: Apply a thin veil of Grape Seed Oil 2-3 times/day (morning and night). 1-2 drops per eyebrow on a Q-tip. DO NOT use finger to apply! Make sure it is not greasy with obvious residue of oil.

🚫 Do not apply oil excessively; this leads to the formation of unwanted build up.

🚫 Do not apply any other types of oil / cream / ointment / sunscreen during the scabbing phase.

🚫 Keep your face away from direct shower head during the scabbing. Quick 10 minutes warm shower. Do not stay in there for too long. Warm water causes open pores on the skin, during the scabbing process pigment is not yet settled and can pre-matured.

🔺 Don’t be afraid to get them wet. Think of it like a wound, taking care of a wound requires water to clean. Water will help softening the scabs; as long as it is cool water during the first 2 weeks.

🔺 There may be some pigment on cotton pad/q-tips as you are cleaning or applying oil. Do not be alarmed! This is just excess pigment and body fluid naturally exiting through the upper layer of the skin.


  •  NO steaming (i.e. sauna, bath, swimming, hot bath, jacuzzi). Your eyebrow skin is extremely sensitive at this point; any steam will open up your pores causing pigments to escape. We want your pores to be closed at this point to keep pigment.

  • NO Fitness and any activities that require effort and sweating to prevent uneven fading and patchiness.

  • Tasks include heavy cleaning, moving in/out, yard work, gardening, driving in an opened convertible vehicle etc. where, there is airborne debris will lead to patchiness.

  • Be careful of applying makeup too close to the eyebrows.

  • Do not sleep on your stomach where you are faced down onto the pillow, or with your sides rubbing against the pillow. It can remove pigments in certain areas causing asymmetry; not to mention it may cause infection.

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight or any other form of UV rays (i.e. tanning, beach, swimming pool). UV rays will make pigment darker and ashy. After Scabs are gone, use SPF.

🔹  Botox can be applied after 2 weeks.



You can proceed with these treatments, as long as they avoid the eyebrow areas.

🔹 Sea salt, chemical peels, AHA, Retinols, growth serums, microdermabrasion, laser, tanning, exfoliation



These activities generally will make pigments fade faster if done excessively:

  • Use of active ingredient skin care on the brows and forehead area such as retinol / retin-A / AHA / BHA / glycolic acid / lighting serum / acidic cleansers, etc.

  •  Microneedling or Chemical Peels over the eyebrows.

  •  Wearing makeup on the eyebrows too often.

  • Medications for thyroids, hormone, etc.

  •  Oily skin, combination skin, active acne.

  •  Sun-tanning, outdoor activities (UV rays cause pigments turning ashy). Sunscreen and hat are recommended.



🔱 After completing 2 treatments, Annual touch up once a year is recommended to maintain pigment.

🔱 As mentioned in the first page, everyone’s physiology is different therefore, fading varies based on the individual’s lifestyle and skin type. Some may need to come back for a touch up sooner than 1 year; others may not.

🔱 As you are approaching to your one year, eyebrows may get lighter - color may shift to either warm tone (reddish brown) or cool tone (grayish brown), the shape is less defined. Hair strokes will fade faster than Ombre Powder. Hair strokes can only be done maximum 2 times per 3 years.

MaiLash & Brow Studio is also an Academy in training Microblading and Ombre Powder Brows to professionals nationwide. We have a very unique technique and approach to the art of Semi-Permanent Eyebrows that all clients are satisfied with their results.

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