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Frequently Asked Questions about Microblading / Ombre Powder Brows

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

What is the difference between the brow techniques? I don't know which to choose.

Semi-permanent brow has 3 techniques: Microblading, Ombre Powder, Combo

Reading the Differences Between The Techniques will help with your decision making process. Our brow artists will also help you choosing the right technique based on your daily makeup routine, lifestyle, goals, etc. As a part of consultation, it is important to come in with your brows filled in the way you normally would.

Does It Hurt?

You may feel a slight sensation during the first pass when the needle first touching the skin (first 4-5 minutes), but it's nothing compared to a tattoo. There will be a topical anesthetic applied prior and during the procedure for your comfort. Many client's feedbacks were that it doesn't hurt rather, it's a discomfort feeling. However, Microblading will hurt more than Powder due to its invasiveness.

Will I Still Look The Same?

Absolutely, only better! Eyebrows are the frames of the face. Our primary focus is to create the most natural result that tailors to your unique brow bone and facial structure. It will blend in with your whole look in the most natural way while, complimenting and enhancing your natural features.

Is It Safe?

All of our tools - blades and needles are 100% disposable, one-time use only! The pigment line that we use has been around for for over 20 years and get tested annually. FDA approved.

Can You Fix My Asymmetry?

Yes, absolutely! Through the Golden Ratio Measurements we can "improve" the asymmetry. Asymmetry in faces happens due to a number of reasons: differences in forehead muscle movements, brow bones, eye sockets, etc. It is important to understand that these are factors contributing to the symmetry of the work. Nothing is 100% symmetrical and that each of us has unique facial features. Brows are sisters, not twins. Balancing the asymmetry to harmoniously work with the rest of the facial features is truly an art!

Do I Need a Separate Consultation?

Not necessarily. The appointment itself includes the discussion of shape, color, techniques, etc. and then proceeding to measuring and shaping.

I Have Had My Brows Microbladed/Tattooed Before, Can I Still Get My Brows Done Again?

Yes, you can. We can work on the top of previous work, ONLY if they have lightened up by 80-90%. If your eyebrows are still extremely dark we recommend having laser tattoo removal.

Only Ombre Powder technique would work due to the limitation of Microblading technique. Please send us a picture of your brows prior to booking to make sure we can work on the top of them.

I Have Alopecia or Other Medical Conditions That Caused My Brow Hair To Fall Off

We recommend the Ombre Powder technique for an effortless look. Please keep in mind that because of the lack of natural brow hair that Microblading strokes may not work in long term. Microblading strokes fade uneven and inconsistent, by nature. Depending on your skin conditions, you may need 2 touch ups.

What pigment are you using?

The pigment for semi-permanent makeup is much different than tattoo ink. Pigment is a blend of organic and inorganic pigment that, allows the artist to have variety of selections that can match to the natural brow hair. The pigment line we are using has been around for over 20 years.

Is Touch-Up Needed?

During the healing process, your skin is working on repairing itself. The lymphatic system is trying to push out all external particles to prevent contamination. That explains why the color implanting the first time may not be perfect after healing. All skin is different, responds differently during the healing process and keeps the pigment differently. Especially if your skin is oily, the pigments may not last as long because of the pigment distribution due to the abundant oil production underneath your skin. The healing process of the skin takes 4 weeks. Therefore, we recommend you coming back in at 5 weeks, this is when the skin is at its best to take in more pigment. After 8 weeks, the skin is back to normal and therefore touch up price will be different.

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