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Microblading / Powder Brow Color

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

This is the most asked question when it comes to choosing a color for your semi-permanent eyebrows. A common concern is that it might be too dark or turning red, etc. We can assure you that there are a few factors we look at in choosing the most suitable colors for you.

Your Natural Undertone

We look at your natural undertone such as your veins, the skin on your neck, and overall natural tone that isn’t affected by things like self-tanning, etc.

Ethnicity is also a key to selecting the right pigment choice.

E.g: Natural blonde should not use medium/dark brown because it will pull grey ashiness.

Or, Asian skin tone should not choose light/medium brown because, it will turn red.

Your Brow Hair Color, Not your Hair!

By looking at the tone of your eyebrow hair color.

Brow hair color can sometimes be different than the hair color on the scalp in some people. Generally, we can match or go darker than your natural brow hair, NOT lighter!

Generally, if we want a lighter color than your natural, there's going to be warmth added to the pigment mix. "Warmth" means a small percentage of red pigment added. Semi-permanent makeup pigment will always fade to either warm or cool tone. Warm means red, Cool means light soft charcoal/grey.

Lastly, Important!

Brows will always be dark in the first 2 weeks, during the healing phase.

Do not expect brow pigment to match with your dyed hair color because, this is not natural - not something you are born with therefore, result will not be accurate. There is a sweet spot in the middle in choosing a pigment that is suitable for you. Trust the professionals!

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