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Natural Lip Blush Arizona

"Lip blush treatment is Hollywood's secret to fuller, more defined and luscious pout"

You will never have to worry about your lip color fades, reapplying your tint, or smearing lipstick. Subtle flush pink natural looking lips is every girl’s dream. Couple this with lip filler, you'll get the most natural plumped lips that is hard to detect [wink ;)]

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Best Lip Blush Scottsdale

❌Please check if you have any of these contraindications before proceed!❌


Benefits of Lip Blush

Achieving lip definition

Improve symmetry

Great option for loss of color due to aging

Great option for dark ethnic lips

Improve thin lips

Low maintenance - you still have subtle blush color even without lipstick

Lipstick stays better and more vibrant

Your lips stay hydrated with Vaseline more than ever, because now you don't need lipstick anymore


If you have had cold sores or ever had one in the past, you will need an antiviral prescription from your doctor before getting lip procedure.

Cold sores happen anytime when there is stress to the lips. Taking the medication will help to suppress the cold sores.

Physicians may instruct to take it 2 days before and after.

If you like to get lip filler, it is better to do before your lip blush for symmetry and plumpness and you must wait for at least 3-4 weeks for the filler to completely settle. Be sure to follow the instructions.

BRING a Lip Tint color you love, we will try to find the closest shade to it.

Lip Blush Realistic Expection, Pre-Care and After-Care Instructions

Lip Blush is a natural enhancement to help achieving "just bitten" lip effect by coloring the inner part of the lips as well as outlining the vermilion border. Therefore, giving the illusion of fuller and bigger lips. It is not meant to increase the size of the lips! This would be done via Lip Filler, not Lip Blush.​


With Master Artist Mai Le
(6/01 - 7/31) *Summer Special: $400 
Use Code: SUMMER2024

Initial appointment. Touch Up is separate ($100 must be between 6-8 weeks)

Non-refundable Deposit $100 to hold your initial appointment

* Current Spring Specials with master artist Mai Le: $400 for initial appointment

* Additional Specials: $350 for initial appointment if you book your appointment on Wednesday and agree for us to video the entire process done by master artist Mai Le for educational purposes.

With Senior Artists
*(6/01 - 7/31) *Summer Special $300
Use Code: SUMMER24

Initial appointment. Touch Up is separate ($100 must be between 6-8 weeks)

Non-refundable Deposit $100 to hold your initial appointment

*Current Spring Specials with Senior Artists:  $300 for initial appointment

With Certified Artists

Apprentice Artists


Initial appointment. Touch Up is separate ($100 must be between 5-8 weeks)

Non-refundable Deposit $100 to hold your initial appointment

Touch Up on Other's Work
or Existing Tattoo

(Price varies $350 - 500 depending on the artists)

Please text us your Lip Pictures under natural lighting (ie. facing a window) 480-707-3399.

We would need to assess the saturation of the pigment, any micro-scar tissues present, techniques, etc.

If you reserve a spot without sending us a picture prior, we reserve the right to declined continuation of the appointment, if the previous work is not fitted for our technique and deposit will be forfeit.

Current Client Touch Ups
Current clients only need to touch up once a year or once every two years, if work was done by our studio)

Touch Up (6 - 8 weeks):  $100

Regular Touch Up (9 - 16 weeks):  $150

Regular Touch Up (17 weeks - 8 months): $200

Annual Touch Up (9 - 14 months):  $300

Annual Touch Up (15 - 24 months): $350

Dark Lips
(i.e. Ethnic / Melanin Lips)

Ethnic lips or lips that are dark due to an abundant amount of melanin will need brightening treatment. This just means that during the initial treatment, we will need to correct the melanin in the lips first. The target color will not be deposited until the Touch Up. Depending on how stubborn the melanin is, that you may need Additional Touch Ups.

Please text us your Lip pictures if unsure, 480-707-3399


Payments are broken in 3 increments

Deposit: $100 non-refundable is due at the time of booking . Deposit is forfeit if appointment is cancelled. May reschedule within 72 hours advanced notice and up to 2 times within a year.

Touch Up: $100 is due at touch up between 6 - 8 weeks of the initial. Passing 8 weeks is considered to be a Regular Touch Up ($150)

Initial Appointment: The remaining of the total is due at the initial appointment.

We reserve the right to refuse services. Prices are subject to change anytime.

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