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Lip Blush Realistic Expectations, Pre-Care and Post-Care

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Lip Blush is semi-permanent makeup procedure that helps to not only add color to the lips but also help improving symmetry, thin lips, less defined lips, etc.


🔹 Please plan on arriving 30 Minutes in advance for numbing process.

🔹 1 - 2 DAYS PRIOR: 

  • Exfoliate your lips gently. Use a gentle exfoliation sold at beauty store or brown sugar paste. This will allow maximum pigment absorption and less scabbing.

  • Keep your lips super hydrated with Vaseline. The softer and less dry the lips, the better. Dry/cracked lips have a harder time taking pigment.

  • ***If you have history of herpes or cold sore, make sure to get doctor's prescription and take the medication 2 days prior and after to the procedure. Cold sore comes back due to any stress on the lip area. Do not take this lightly as it will more likely come back because you have had cold sore in your system.

  • Stop taking Fish oil or any inflammatory vitamins

  • If you are concern about the swelling, taking Arnica Montana can help.


  • If you are planning on getting lip filler before Lip Blush, please do so 3-4 weeks prior to the procedure. The fillers need to be completely settled before we do the treatment.

  • If your lips have noticeable asymmetry, it is best to get lip filler before lip blush.

  • While Lip filler provides volume and Lip blush provides definition; when combined they produce a beautiful result.


🔹 Lips are the most tender area surrounded by delicate mucous membrane. We do numb the area before and during the procedure. However, you would still feel a little sensation but bearable.

🔹 Swelling is completely normal. Especially if you have filler, they will swell more. Swelling will go down in a few hours. DO NOT PANIC! Icing would also help them going down faster.

🔹 Unevenness is also normal due to the swelling. Color may appear 50% more vibrant than healed. This is completely normal.

🔹 Lip blush is meant to be a natural enhancement of your natural lips. It is not meant to completely substitute your lipstick. Lip blush helps to smooth out the vermilion border and restore and loss of lip pigment either due to age or filler.

🔹 We always recommend a color that is 1-2 shades more enhanced than your natural. The goal is to blend this into the entire lips to give you “naturally” fuller lips since they are more defined. Therefore, we can only suggest colors that are natural and close to your natural lips. After lip blush, you can still wear any lip color of your choice on the top or simply just a gloss for a lip tint look.

🔹 First 2-3 days, lips will feel very dry and tight.

🔹 4th day: the lips start peeling off. This is when chapped lips feel the strongest.

🔹 Lips will continue to go through peeling for a week. It will look like small dry flakes. During this time, do not peel the skin off which causes pre-mature pigment and blotchiness. The best way to do is applying a thick layer of Vaseline and gently massage the lips in gentle circular motion at night to loosen the crust.

🔺 After crust has peeled off, the lips look VERY pale as if there is no color left. Color may also look uneven as if some parts have color and some don’t. DO NOT PANIC! This is completely normal as the color has not surfaced. Lip tissues take longer to heal than our skin. Color will continue to show slowly in the next few weeks.

🔺 Expect the outline to look more prominent. It is because lip tissues heal differently than the skin surrounding the lips (vermilion border). Color will even themselves out in the next few weeks.

🔺 Final result cannot be judged after 2 months. Nothing should be done before the 7th week, even if you believe that they are uneven. Your lip tissue needs to completely healed before the touch up. Touch up should be done between 7-8 weeks to ensure the best results.

🔺 The unevenness in colors is especially more present if your lips are melanin / dark lips that we did neutralization. The stronger the melanin the more treatments you need to do to achieve desired result.


Immediately after the procedure: apply cold compress wrap in a clean paper towel and gently place on the lips to help reduce swelling.


🔺 Avoid hot food/drink directly touching the lips. Always use a straw. I.e. hot Coffee, tea, soup.

🔺 Try to keep toothpaste away from the lips.  Do not bleach your teeth while healing.

🔺 Avoid kissing as this can rub of unsettled scabs and pigment on the lips.

🔺 Do not rub or wipe the lips during this time. Avoid harsh movement. Only gentle dab with water if you need to clean them.

🔺 Apply given balm packet multiple times a day. Then, continue with Vaseline for the next 4-5 weeks. The more the lips are moisturized, the better the color will surface overtime.

 🔷 You may wear lipstick, but ALWAYS remember to put a thin base of Vaseline. Do not let lipstick directly applied to the lips.

 🔷 Wait for 5 weeks before you exfoliate your lips again.


  • At 7-8 week touch up, we will go over more on the inner lips and blend it out, as this area tends to fade faster due to it being more wet.

  • Annual Touch up is recommend to maintain the colors.

MaiLash Brows has been providing Semi-permanent makeup since 2015. Your artist will measure and draw the shape for you to see. Color can be discussed with your artist. We recommend going for a natural color like a tint. The goal of Lip Blush is to define your lips by making them look fuller in a natural way like you were born with them.

Text/Call us (480) 707-3399

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