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Arizona Fine Line Tiny Tattoo

Tattoos are symbols of our love, believe, memories, adoration, respect, fascination, personality, art, etc. They represents our identity inside and out. Long gone the days of thick-lined tattoo. In this day and age, small tattoos are more delicate and intricate. They represent a whole new level of body art through different lens. These fine line tiny tattoos are done with fine long taper needles in small configurations, unlike the traditional tattoos or in bigger pieces.

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Types of Tiny Tattoo We Do

We custom design all of our tiny tattoos depending on what clients want. Our tiny tattoos are done using fine line needles only, usually with a 1 single long taper or 3 group needles max. Each design has its own variation and uniqueness therefore prices vary. Unlike traditional tattoo parlors, we do numb you before and during the procedure.

arizona fine line tiny tattoo
Classic Fine Line Tiny Tattoo
arizona watercolor tiny tattoo
Watercolor Tiny Tattoo

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Tiny Tattoo with other in-house artists: starts at $80

Tiny Tattoo with Mai Le: starts at $100

Pricing depends largely on the design you want. These are the factors we look at when determining prices:

  • Complexity - more complex or less complex (see table below)

  • Colors or no colors - Watercolor is more complex. Classic Fine Line is less complex.

  • Solid shading is less complex than ombre shading.

  • Ombre shading in grays is less complex than color ombre shading.

  • Designing fee - a design you found that we can just stencil over is less time consuming than having to re-design or putting pieces from 2-3 different designs together.

  • Fine line work - Black outline is the same price as color outline. No extra charges.

If you are unsure, please send us your design and ideas to receive a final quote before booking. Text our salon (480) 707-3399 

tiny tattoo scottsdale az

Tattoo Policy

  • We will print up different sizes for you to choose.

  • We do not include touch up on tattoos that are on the "Non-Recommended Areas" due to its nature of fast-fading or not holding up ink. There will be additional touch up fee if you decide to get your tattoos on one of these areas: Fingers, hands, inside the palms, feet, sole of the feet, on the elbow folds, on the knees, on the folds of the neck, or anywhere that the skin folds over would not be an ideal placement for tattoos.

  • Once a design is stenciled onto your skin, we cannot move it. Please make sure it is where you want it to be, before we place it on.

  • Once your artist confirmed and printed your stencil, any changes will have an additional re-design fee if you change your mind last minute.

  • Canceling / Rescheduling in less than 72 hour notice is considered to be a Last Minute Change, deposit is forfeit.


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