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IV Infusion Care

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Essentially once your IV Vitamin Infusion is done there is no post care. There are just a few things to keep in mind.

  • Apply pressure to site for 2-5 minutes after IV has been removed.

  • Keep Band-Aid in place for 1 Hour.

  • If you bruise easy, it is normal to experience any bruising at the site for up to 2 weeks.

  • Cold packs can be used to decrease any bruising. It will significantly reduced in 24 hours.

  • Post IV infusion symptoms are uncommon.

Most clients experience significant overall improvements after IV Therapy:

- Better energy

- Better mental clarity

- Improved sleep

- Overall feelings of well being

Clients commonly report one of two patterns after an IV Vitamin Therapy infusion:

• Feel better right away. Due to a busy lifestyle, many people are chronically dehydrated and deficient in vitamins and minerals causing them to not feel well. Once the patient is hydrated and the nutrients are replaced, their symptoms improve quickly.

• Feel tired or unwell. These clients are generally in the process of detoxifying. When toxins are pulled out of tissues, they re-enter the blood stream. Toxins are now on their way OUT instead of on their way IN. Even when clients do not feel well at this stage, the process is one of healing and cleansing. After this period, an overall improvement in one’s sense of well-being is generally reported.

How Often Should I Get IV Vitamin Therapy Infusion?

The number and frequency of treatments vary depending on certain factors, your needs and how vigorous you want to achieve your result. Once the nutrients are in your body, just like everything else, your body will slowly metabolize it. Generally this process can take anywhere from one to four weeks. Clients often get an IV Infusion once a week or once a month.

MaiLash & Brows in Scottsdale partners with Sloan Aesthetics bringing a professional team of aesthetic nurse practitioner and register nurse to serve our clients. We are proud to be your one-stop shop for aesthetic needs. You now can enjoy getting an IV Infusion while, receive another service within the salon - all at the same time.

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