Eyelash Extensions - What Goes In Aftercare For Lasting Effect

Are your natural lashes not voluminous enough? Tired of applying mascara to make them appear long? Eyelash extensions are the way for you, then! Eyelash extensions will draw more attention to your eyes, add volume and give a natural, complete glam look. All thanks to the latest beauty trends, eyelash extensions have become a standard service. Though they are a common and painless way to draw attention to your eyes, you need to look after them to reap the benefits for a long time.

MaiLash and Brows is a leading training center, and service provider for eyelash extensions and advice to practice proper aftercare techniques. Therefore, we have serrated a list of aftercare techniques you should practice to avoid damaging them. However, before moving on to them, let's first glance at the importance of aftercare.

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare - Why Is It So Important?

The beauty industry has been evolving since time immemorial. Beauty trends have come so far from painless and harmful methods to pain-free and permanent techniques. Speaking of beauty trends, eyelash extensions are the talk of the town these days - they are easy to get, painless, have no side effects, and are long-lasting. Undeniably, they are great investments and, similar to other asset care, even lash extensions need aftercare to reap maximum benefits. Proper care will prevent eye infections and keep your lashes healthy. Plus, adequate aftercare will keep your extensions as fabulous as ever.

Aftercare For First 24 - 48 Hours

Once you are done with your eyelash extensions appointment, the first thing your lash artists will recommend is avoiding water on your lash extensions for 24 – 48 hours since it can affect lash retention. In case they get wet, a chemical reaction is initiated between the moisture, air, and glue, and excess moisture shocks the glue into curing rapidly. As a result, the lash extensions' bond weakens, further affecting retention. If your extensions get wet frequently, the lashes will fall out prematurely. Follow the mentioned instruction for the first 24 - 48 hours:

  • Do not get your face wet.

  • Apply minimal makeup, especially near the eyes.

  • Stay away from chlorinated water or beaches.

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare Between Fills

24 -48 hours isn't just the only period for aftercare; eyelash extensions require constant and consistent aftercare between the refills. Here are a few tips you can follow to keep retaining the volume of your extensions and avoid premature fallout.

Avoid using oil-based products.

In simple words - OIL is the biggest foe of your eyelash extensions. Oil breaks down the glue used for the application of extensions and promotes premature fallout. If you want your lashes to retain their fabulous look, you should avoid: -

  • Oil-based cleansers

  • Moisturizers

  • Wipes

  • Eye creams

  • makeup products

  • Makeup removers

If you want to relish and flaunt the glam and fluttery look with lash extensions, switch to gel-based alternatives.

Eliminate friction with your lashes

It takes time to adapt to changes, and so is the case for eyelash extensions. It might take some time to get used to your new extensions when they are new. However, under no circumstance can you rub or pull your eyelash extensions. Tugging or pulling lash extensions intentionally or unintentionally affect the adhesive and promote premature fallout. Moreover, creating friction can also damage your follicles resulting in receding growth of your natural lashes. If you fail to avoid friction, it can increase the rate of shedding, resulting in hefty costs and frequent refills.

Therefore, experts at MaiLash & Brows advise you to resist the urge to fiddle with your extensions throughout the day and while cleaning your face.


As earlier stated, cleansing can damage eyelash extensions; however, they still need adequate and regular cleaning. So, you should practice using a lash-safe cleanser to keep your lash extensions away from oils, debris, and makeup residue. After the first 48 hours, you need to follow your beauty regime with slight alterations; for instance, using gel-based cleansers and eye creams instead of oil-based products.

Since an adhesive is used to stick them with your natural lashes, keeping them clean is essential to avoid nasty infections. In case you avoid cleaning, eye infections may occur, which further cause soreness, redness, itchy eyes, and discomfort.

Invest in a spoolie wand

Heard of a spoolie? Invest in it for safekeeping the stunning and voluminous look of your lashes. Proper cleaning does not just end with washing the face and removing makeup, and you also need to brush your lash extensions to detangle them. Therefore, experts suggest investing in a soft bristle brush, also known as a spoolie. Use the lash wand or spoolie to detangle your lashes and retain the fresh and fabulous look once you rinse your eyes with fresh water.

A spoolie will also remove the excess water, straighten your extensions, and make them look well-defined and aligned. It will also eliminate the need to play with extensions, keeping them intact for longer.

Removing makeup around the eyes

Eyelash extensions do not mean that you can't apply makeup; removing them is a tacky process. As aforementioned, a regular lash connoisseur should avoid using oil-based products. Makeup and cleansing products should not be oil-based if you want to preserve the adhesive of your extensions. In case you just can't go without mascara, use water-based mascara carefully to the tips of your lashes.

MaiLash & Brow is an expert service provider and training center for eyelash extensions. We offer aesthetically pleasing, completely customizable eyelash extensions. Book your appointment with us to enjoy fuller, voluminous, and long lashes.

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