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A Detailed Guide To Lash Extensions Scottsdale

Looking for the best Lash Extensions Scottsdale? Mailash is here to aid. No doubt, every girl likes big and thick eyelashes. It is because big eyelashes are attractive and look beautiful. Almost every girl’s beauty routine includes certain things like applying multiple layers of mascara and curling lashes - this is nothing but a waste of precious time. Without any speck of doubt, thick and bold eyes enhance the beauty of your face, but how long will you keep applying mascara. How about acquiring a permanent solution? That is, eyelash extensions.

Do you know exactly about eyelash extensions? How can it work wonders for you? Or why do you need it? Here in this article, we will give you a brief review of lash extensions Scottsdale.

What exactly are lash extensions?

Simply put, eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that are individually applied to each lash strand of your natural lashes. This method ensures to give you longer, thick, bold, and fuller lashes. This ultimately enhances your overall appearance by lifting, elongating, and opening the eyelashes. During the process of lash extension, an expert from lash extensions Scottsdale glues each individual fiber onto your natural hair by hand. Indeed, this makes the overall look highly customized and natural. Unlike false lashes, eyelash extensions are applied to the skin and attached directly to the lash itself. The lashes you get after eyelash extensions are more lush and dense that may even let you leave mascara.

However, the fact is that today people use inferior quality glues or try DIY techniques for eyelash extensions. This can seriously cause pain, infection, and loss of eyelashes. Therefore, getting eyelash extensions from a certified company like Mailash will enhance the beauty of your eyes and face. Whether it’s a party, wedding, or any other event or occasion, lash extensions Scottsdale will add glory to your overall look.

Do lash extensions look natural?

This is the most concerning question of whether the lash extensions look natural or not. The simple answer to this question is - YES. The final look is given by lash extensions to enhance your natural lashes with more length, fullness, and lift. Eyelash extensions Scottsdale provide you with a more natural look if more lashes are applied to the eyes. Basic treatment involves 80-140 individual extensions per eye. The length of the lashes would be 6-18mm. However, to get a more natural and dramatic look, you need to have stronger and thicker lashes.

How long does the lash extension process take?

The eyelash extension process approximately takes about 2-3 hours that too based on your desired look. No doubt, a good eyelash extension expert will take enough time to get this process done without any hassle. However, you must find a certified technician to apply the lashes to your eyes. The eyelash extension process can become your excuse to relax, lie down, and take a break from your phone. If you’re looking for certified eyelash extensions Scottsdale, look no further than Mailash, the best eyelash extensions studio in Scottsdale.

How long do lash extensions last?

The fact is that lash extensions are applied to your natural lashes; therefore, follow your natural hair growth cycle. It means eyelash extensions will eventually shed, and you can’t do anything. Nevertheless, the extensions can last about six weeks. However, there are a few ways that you can use to increase the life cycle of eyelash extensions, which include:

  • Use lash conditioner

  • Stay away from steam

  • Avoid wetting your lash extensions for the first 48 hours

  • Don’t apply waterproof mascara as it’s hard to remove

  • Get a refill every two to three weeks to fill in any spare areas

  • Avoid using oil-based products and creams with chemicals around lashes

These tips will help you extend the life cycle of eyelash extensions and provide you with great results. If you want to know more tips to extend the life of your eyelash extensions, connect with Mailash expert technicians for lash extensions Scottsdale now.

Why choose Mailash for lash extensions in Scottsdale?

Are you looking to get eyelash extensions Scottsdale? Mailash is here to serve all your needs. We’re a prominent eyelash extensions studio in Scottsdale. From us, you get top-notch eyelash extension services at a reasonable price. We have a team of expert technicians who use quality products to serve clients. We pride ourselves on providing the best quality eyelash extensions while maintaining prices pocket-friendly. We understand that minor details like eyelashes and eyebrows can completely alter a person’s look, which ultimately helps in boosting self-confidence.

Mailash is a renowned lash extensions Scottsdale in the beauty industry because experts use advanced techniques, tools, and products to give you the finest look ever. Furthermore, the products we use are safe, durable, and result-oriented. Experts have been using our products in the industry to get ultimate customer satisfaction. Our services are quite affordable, and anyone can afford them without having to worry about anything. There are many benefits you can reap by getting eyelash extensions from us, which include:

  • Affordable services

  • Use of advanced techniques

  • Completely customizable process

  • Easy to take care

  • Aesthetically pleasing look

So, what are you waiting for? Contact Mailash to get quality eyelash extensions Scottsdale to give your eyes a bold and attractive look altogether.

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