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Professional & Best Brow Lamination Scottsdale at MaiLash Brows

One of the hottest trends in the beauty industry is brow lamination. It is frequently credited for giving a fluffy and defined appearance to celebrities and supermodels that makes them stand out. However, you don't have to be a model or celebrity to get this beauty treatment; you just require premium brow lamination service.

But how does brow lamination Scottsdale work? What does the procedure include? Stay till the end to get an answer to all your questions.

What is Brow Lamination?

Laminated brows shape the face and look elevated with straight hairs that seem well-groomed and maintained. Basically, brow lamination Scottsdale offers a permanent solution that keeps your eyebrows altered in a uniform shape. For around six weeks, a setting lotion keeps brow hair straightened and polished, and with this method, you may quickly achieve well-groomed and attractive eyebrows. The face is framed by nicely arched brows for a more defined and polished appearance.

What Is The Procedure Followed By The Brow Lamination Scottsdale?

Brow lamination Scottsdale involves perming that gives your eyebrows a fuller and even appearance. The process is started after washing off any makeup you may have worn. Estheticians provide a proper briefing before starting the procedure. The lamination process includes the following steps:

  • Your esthetician will first dab a lotion to "raise" up your brow hair.

  • Your brow hairs are then gently stroked upwards to hold them uniformly in the direction of your nose.

  • The neutralizer is used next for sealing your brows into shape.

  • The final step involves applying a nourishing oil or serum to the hair and skin to minimize any side effects of the ‘Perm Chemicals,’ such as skin irritation and hair dryness.

The entire process of brow lamination takes no more than an hour and provides you with a fine look.

When Is The Right Time For Eyebrow Lamination?

If the condition of the hair worsens, eyebrow lamination can help. This problem may be caused by some glands not functioning properly, frequent staining, or tattooing using inferior ink and colors. As a result, the follicles get weak and lifeless, resulting in a thin growth cycle. Lamination is suggested to make your own thin, light eyebrows look fuller and well-maintained.

Get The Professional & Best Brow Lamination Scottsdale at MaiLash Brows

There are numerous methods available nowadays for grooming your brows, including ombre powder, microblading, extensions, and the good ol' brow pencil. MaiLash is one of the most recognized lashes and semi-permanent makeup businesses committed to providing the best brow lamination Scottsdale.

Along with brow lamination, our team is committed to providing eyeliner or lash line enhancement, lip blush, lash lift, and much more. Our team has years of experience and does a commendable job in elevating your look.

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