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Brow Lamination Scottsdale

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

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Brow lamination, often known as a "brow lift," is the newest brow sensation! By reshaping the direction of brow hair. This technique gives the appearance of full, voluminous brows in only one session. Brow lamination can last up to eight weeks.

Brow lamination has been here for a long time, but it has only lately resurfaced in the cosmetic industry. Because it offers your eyebrows a fixed, consistent shape for a prolonged length of time, you might consider brow lamination as a perm for the eyebrows. We use a fixing lotion that assists brow hair remain "brushed up" and raised upwards for roughly six weeks rather than the traditional curls.

At MaiLash Studio, we use the most up-to-date Keratin brow lamination which helps to further nurture the brow hair. We can't wait to welcome you into our office here in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Brow Lamination Scottsdale - Everything You Need To Know

Brow Lamination Scottsdale - Treatment

  • Cleaning the brow area

  • Applying keratin-based that nourishes and strengthens the hair while lifting the texture of the brow hair, making them fluffy and natural.

  • Tinting is then applied upon request to further enhance the shape

  • Waxing is upon request to make brows look clean.

Brow Lamination Scottsdale - Aftercare

When it comes to Brow Lamination, the aftercare is extremely straightforward. The following are the most critical aspects to convey to your clients:

  • For the next 24-48 hours, do not moisten your eyebrows.

  • No oil-based products on the brows.

  • After the procedure, wait 24 hours before applying makeup to the brows.

  • For 72 hours before and after the procedure, do not use Retin A, or scrub the brow region.

  • For at least 48 hours after treatment, no self-tanner products should be used on the face.

  • Every day, comb the hairs back into place, usually just once in the morning.

Why Choose Us?

MaiLash is one of the most reputable lashes and semi-permanent makeup studios in Scottsdale, dedicated to offering the highest quality Brow lamination Scottsdale.

We've been using numerous semi-permanent eyebrow shaping procedures to assist countless clients in enhancing their confidence levels for several years. We take the time to learn exactly what our clients want and then do everything we can to achieve the greatest outcomes.

Considering trying to improve your appearance? Don't hesitate to

We can make you look more beautiful by making your brows thicker and more defined with Brow lamination Scottsdale. We guarantee a completely safe process with astonishing results.

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