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Booking Policy for Eyelash Extension and Other Appointments

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

Thank you for booking your appointment with MaiLash & Brow Studio. We truly appreciate your business. Each of our artists works by appointment-only, time is important to us. We value your time and we hope you would to us as well. Once a slot is reserved, others cannot book into your slot. In all fairness to our scheduled clients and time management, please read our booking policy to avoid any unfortunate incidents!

Last Minute Cancellation/Reschedule Policy

  • ​As a courtesy, please give us 24-48 HOURS notice of cancellation and reschedule so, other clients may have your spot.

  • Same day or Less than 24-hour notice of Cancellation or Reschedule STRONGLY affects your artist and other clients' appointments; therefore will incur a fee of $30 to compensate for the loss of the slot.

  • No Show No Call will incur a full service charge.

  • ​After 3 consecutive of Last Minute Cancellation/Reschedule, any unfulfilled booked appointments that is less than 24 hour notice, will be charged full service price or we would need to part ways.

  • Tardiness is hard for your artist to maintain quality and stay on the top of their daily schedule. It affects all the appointments after yours, please understand that if you arrive late, your artist will not be responsible for any premature shedding of lashes.

  • After 3 consecutive tardiness (i.e. missed appointments, more than 15 minutes late, etc.) , your artist reserves the right to decline service or apply an additional $30 fee.

  • Owed No Show No Call will need to be paid before future appointments are reserved.

How To Book

  • To reserve an appointment, we require a credit card. You will not be charged until the end of the appointment time (You may pay with another card or cash). Please note that the system verifies the card by temporarily pending charge $1. It will drop off within 24-48 hours.

  • New clients, who currently have at least 50% of extensions will be booked into a 3 Weeks Fill or Extended Refill (if less).​


  • If you experience an unusual shed (more than 6 per eye per day) within the first 3 days, please contact and send us a picture of your lashes, your artist will determine the cause and fix them for you. Please do not book another appointment online without contacting us! The time slot reserved are different therefore, you may need to pay for that slot that you have reserved your own.

  • Fixing policy will not count towards:

    • Tardiness (due to your artist did not have adequate time to work on your lashes).

    • Uncleaned lashes (ie. coming with your makeup such as eyeliner/mascara on your eyes will prevent glue to properly adhere therefore causing early shedding).

    • Work from other places (if you book a refill instead of starting fresh with a full set from our studio, please expect that products and techniques will be different. Please allow a couple of visits before you see result.

  • If you contact us after 3 days, it will be considered a Mini/Emergency Fill option.

Appointment Management

  • Please register for an account for appointment management (i.e. need to reschedule, change an appointment or planning ahead).

  • To Reschedule, please click on your original appointment and "Reschedule" button instead of creating a new appointment. Please make sure to delete the ones that you don't need to avoid appointment duplications. Duplicate appointments may cause Last Minute Cancellation/Reschedule FEE if you forget to cancel before 24 hours!


  • Please do not bring unattended babies/toddlers to your lash appointment. Please understand that your artist is on a tight schedule of appointments and they need to pay 100% attention to your lashes.

  • Cell phone use, talking or texting is strictly limited. Your eyes must be closed during the entire application. It could cause potential burning, if eyes are opened.

  • Please do not wear mascara or eyeliner on the top and bottom lashes when coming into your lash appointment. This makes cleaning extremely hard which, could cause early shed.

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Debra Robida
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