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eyebrow shaping Scottsdale

Key Points:

  1. Arrive 30 Minutes prior to the appointment time for Numbing

  2. Fill in your brows and Bring a picture of your desired brows

  3. Follow Pre-care instructions to plan for your appointment accordingly. 

  4. Have a clear vision of what you would like your brows to look like. If you haven't quite figured out yet, we will help you.

  5. Read the Realistic Expectations link:  Brows are sisters, not twin! Due to differences in bone structures and forehead muscle movements, plumpness of brow tissues, etc. Your artist will inform whether Botox is needed to further achieve symmetry, if the natural asymmetry is too much in present.

  6. Follow Post-care instructions carefully!


Choose any of the 3 techniques we offer: Nano Brows, Ombre Powder or Combo Nano + Powder.
Your artist will help you decide.

*Male Nano Eyebrows only available with master artist Mai Le**
With Master Artist Mai Le
*6/01- 6/30 Specials $400
Use Code: SUMMER2024

Initial appointment. Touch Up is separate ($100 must be between 5-8 weeks)

Non-refundable Deposit $100 to hold your initial appointment

* Current Spring Specials with master artist Mai Le: $400 for initial appointment

* Additional Specials: $350 for initial appointment if you book your appointment on Wednesday and agree for us to video the entire brow process done by master artist Mai Le for educational purposes.

With Senior Artists

*Summer Special: $300
(6/01 - 6/30)
Use Code: SUMMER24

Initial appointment. Touch Up is separate ($100 must be between 5-8 weeks)

Non-refundable Deposit $100 to hold your appointment

*Current Spring Specials with Senior Artists:  $300 for initial appointment

With Certified Artists

Apprentice Artists

Initial appointment. Touch Up is separate ($100 must be between 5-8 weeks)

Non-refundable Deposit $100 to hold your appointment

Touch Up on Other's Work
or Existing Brow Tattoo

(Price varies - $300 - $500 depending on artists)

We can work on existing tattoo or brow work ONLY if they are 80 - 90% lightened.

Please text us your Brow Pictures under natural lighting (ie. facing a window) 480-707-3399.

We would need to assess the saturation of the pigment, any micro-scar tissues present, techniques, etc.

If you reserve a spot without sending us a picture prior, we reserve the right to declined continuation of the appointment. If the previous work is not fitted for our technique, your deposit will be forfeit.

Factors We Consider When Looking At Previous Work work HERE

Depending on these factors that they would be considered as a Touch Up for New Client or a New Brow Appointment.

Current Client Touch Ups
(Current clients only need to touch up once a year or once every two years, if work was done by our studio)

Touch Up (5 - 8 weeks) from the initial appointment: $100

Regular Touch Up (applied to missed appointment and additional touch up needed to achieve desired result):  $150

Touch Up 4 - 8 Months:  $200

Touch Up 9 - 14 Months:  $300

Touch Up 15 - 24 Months: $350

After 24 months: a new procedure is recommended if faded by 70%

(Please text your picture if unsure)


Payments are broken in 3 increments

Deposit: $100 non-refundable is due at the time of booking . Deposit is forfeit if appointment is cancelled. May reschedule within 72 hours advanced notice and up to 2 times within a year.

Touch Up: $100 is due at touch up between 5 - 8 weeks of the initial, only if you feel like you need a touch up. Everyone heals differently based on their unique physiology, lifestyle, age, skin type, etc .

Passing 8 weeks is considered to be a Regular Touch Up ($150)

Initial Appointment: The remaining of the total is due at the initial appointment.

We reserve the right to refuse services. Prices are subject to change anytime.

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