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Our Salon

Our modern studio is beautifully designed to give clients a warm and inviting atmosphere. Our friendly staff is there to help guiding you throughout the process of treatments

Nuestra historia

MaiLash & Brows is a team of independent committed technicians to provide top-notched eyelash and semi-permanent makeup treatments. It is our priority to have clients leave with complete satisfaction.


All members of MaiLash & Brows were chosen for their unparalleled commitment to excellence and proven skills. They all have been trained by and worked along side with Mai Le. Each of our talented lash and permanent makeup technicians is more than just a technician. They are all artists who, pride themselves on customer care and creativity. Our artists bring unique passion to their crafts as they work to provide expert advice, professional courtesy and technical excellence to each treatment.

We truly believe everyone is unique in his or her own features. It is our mission to help clients rediscover this uniqueness.  We identify our clients’ natural beauty features and enhance them by designing style and shape to showcase their inner and outer beauty.

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