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Mai Le best eyebrow artist in Arizona
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* Head of MaiLash & Brows Artists

* Certified Educator

* Honorary Speaker & Judge for Conferences & Championships

Mai Le helps women/men boost self-confidence through the art of Semi-permanent makeup Brows, Lip Blush, Eyeliner, and Eyelash Extensions. Started in the industry since 2015, she had performed thousands of procedures up to date. Mai Le had become a pioneer in the industry with more than 30 certifications and trainings. She is a honorary Speaker and Judge at many conferences and championships in the USA, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Vietnam, and Philippines. Whether it be providing services for her clients, passing down knowledge to her students, or doing continued education; she does it with a passion!


Each and every single artist whom, we bring into our team possesses unparalleled unique skills of their own. We all follow a comprehensive standard of quality set by MaiLash & Brows while, allowing our individuality ofartistic talent to shine through.

Follow Mai Le and her work on her official IG @MaiLashBrows

Follow our Studio work @MaiLashBrowStudio

Follow our Academy @MaiLashBrowsPro

Mai Le in Vietnam as eyebrow master


- Demo Speaker at Vegas PMU Conference

- Demo Speaker at Wulop USA Florida

- Honorary Speaker at Hoa Beauty Lashes - Permanent Makeup - Nails Conference 

- Semifinal Jury & Speaker of Wulop Phillipines PMU Competition & Conference

 - Demo Speaker of Czech Republic PMU Congress

 - Demo Speaker of Poland PMU World Masters Show

 - Judge of Vietnam Festival PMU Universe Competition & Conference 2023

 - Honorary Speaker of Scottsdale Lash & Brow Conference 2020 

 - Featured on ABC15 Arizona News 2019

 - VIP Judge / Speaker of Hawaiian Competition 2018

 - Judge / Speaker of Lash Crown Competition 2017

 - The Microblading Maven in Arizona 2017 by Scottsdale Magazine


 - Top 30 Brow Tech 2020 in Phoenix Arizona

 - Top 10 Lash Technicians 2020 in Phoenix Arizona

 - Award of Best Lash Salon by National Association of Lash Artists 2019

 - Certified Educator by NALA 2018

 - Best Lash Extensions & Microblading in Arizona 2017 by Phoenix Entrepreneur Magazine

 - Runner up in Lash Summit 2016 Competition.

 - 3rd Rank in World Individual Lash Master 2015 competition.

 - Certified Lash Trainer by Lash Inc. international 2015

Mai Le Judge at the PMU Universe
Mai Le judging at permanent makeup competition

Education Background

Body Art Tattoo

 - High Vibe Ink by Janelle (2022)

 - Ink Rush by Ben Fisher (2022 U.K)

Lip Blush

 - TessTattoo by Tess Marti (2022)

 - Sculpted Studios by Carla Ricciardone (2022)

 - CC Lips by Karine Grande (2021 Brazil)

Saline Removal:

 - Teryn Darling (2017)

 - A+ Ocean (2018)

 - Removv by Linda Paradise (2017)

 - Angel Removal by Rosenberg (2021)

Needles & Pigments:

 - Girlz Ink by Teryn Darling (2017)

 - Jill Hoyer (2019)

 - Color Theory by Lavinia Pop (2018 U.K)

Permanent Makeup (Powder Brows, Lip Blush & Eyeliner Tattoo)

 - S Academy by Sviatoslav Otchenash (2018 Estonia)

 - Nhung Phan Academy (2017 Vietnam)

 - Dutch Art Academy by Rusen Donmez (2017 Netherlands)

 - Makeup Tattoo School by Anastasia Gilmanova (2018 Russia)

Nano HairStrokes:

 - Monica Ivani (2018 Ireland)

 - Fleek Brows by Phuong Phan (2022 Vietnam)

PMU Eyeliner:

 - Will Anthony Academy (2017)

 - Andrea Toth (2017)


 - David BrowArt Academy (2016 Singapore)

 - Irina Chen Academy (2015 Norway)

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions:

 - Lash & Brow Design Academy by Irina Levchuk (2015 Russia)

Volume Eyelash Extensions:

 - Lash Fx (2015)

Licensed Esthetician (2015)

Certified Classic Eyelash Extensions (2012)

 - JB Lash Pro

Bachelor of Science in Retail Management & Consumer Sciences

University of Arizona (2011)

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