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Why Is Training Essential To Become An Eyelash Extensions Artist?

"Oh, My Lash!" Long, curvy, and beautiful lashes are everyone's dream. Beauty standards are just like technology - ever evolving! From applying mascara and lash curlers to applying falsies and getting eyelash extensions, women always seek voluminous lashes. While mascara and lash curlers give instant results, they have a temporary effect. Eyelash extensions, on the other hand, stay for long and have a natural effect.

Since eyelash extensions are getting increasingly popular, more people and aestheticians are walking towards eyelash extension courses. MaiLash & Brows is a leading training institute, molding beginners to skilled professionals. Our eyelash extensions course is suitable for both beginners and semi-intermediate artists.

Is The Hype About Eyelash Extensions Real?

'Eyelash extensions' is the most general term these days. Now, you might be curious about all the hype for eyelash extensions. Are they worth it? The short answer is - yes! Eyelash extensions have brought a crunching point to the beauty industry. In layman's terms, eyelash extension is the process of implanting lashes to the lash line. While mascara and lash glue give temporary results, eyelash extension lasts for several months. Indeed, eyelash extensions deserve the hype.

Moreover, eyelash extension training benefits beauty enthusiasts and professional estheticians. Along with expanding your portfolio, eyelash extensions training also increases your connections with industry stewards!

Why Consider Eyelash Extensions Course From MaiLash & Brows?

MaiLash & Brows is a leading firm providing beauty products and courses to enthusiasts and professionals. Our eyelash extensions course is ideal for you because: -

Learn At Your Own Pace

With MaiLash & Brows eyelash extensions course, you get the freedom of learning at your own pace. We offer an online eyelash extension course so you can learn from the comfort of your home and get the flexibility of course timings. Our course is ideal for you if you think you have a different learning pace than others. Our course represents independence & hard work and is suited for beauty professionals and enthusiasts.

We appreciate the dedication and are thus passionate about teaching industry best practices to our students. Through our online and hybrid eyelash extensions course, students don't have to worry about asking questions or feeling overwhelmed with doubts.

Eliminate The Geographical Barrier

One of the significant issues with the eyelash extensions course is the geographical barrier. Several beauty enthusiasts or estheticians might not have available resources in their vicinity and can, therefore, be void of the opportunity. However, that is not the case with MaiLash & Brows. We offer both online and hybrid eyelash extensions courses. With a motto of teaching every aspirant about the industry's best practices and technicalities, our online eyelash extensions course will help the aspirants to eliminate their geographical barriers.

Enrolling in our course will lead the aspirants to learn from the comfort of their couch. Besides, you will get the opportunity to learn at your own pace.

Increase Your Connections

If you want to be an aesthetician, one of the primary factors for your success is your connections. You must know what goes on around the industry, the latest trends and what your competitors are up to. Moreover, if you are well connected, your clientele will increase, evoking a sense of trust in your customers. Our eyelash extensions course is one of the best places for you to increase your connections. Aspirants from different fields and areas enroll in our course, allowing you to make new connections.

Suitable for Both Beginners & Semi-Intermediate Artists

Regardless of your experience in the beauty treatment industry, growing is always essential. You should be able to adapt to new practices, new techniques, and treatments. To be a successful esthetician, you must learn to adapt, learn and unlearn! Adapt new methods, learn new techniques, and unlearn the old practices. MaiLash & Brows is here to assist you with the eyelash extensions course. The relatively new field is gaining popularity - fast. Therefore, our course enables beginners and experts to learn the application and advanced methods for eyelash extension removal.

Polish Your Skill Set With Our Hybrid Course

MaiLash & Brows provides both online and hybrid course options. We know that it is essential to keep ahead of your competitors, so you need practice. Thus with the hybrid course, enthusiasts not only get the chance to learn online, avoiding all the geographic barriers but also get the opportunity to practice on live models. You get ample time to polish and nurture your skills during the course. Additionally, our mentors are incredibly polite and will help you at every stage. With MaiLash & Brows, you can quickly clear all your doubts while practicing on live models.

Sign Up For Our Eyelash Extensions Course

Mentioned below is everything you need to know about the online and hybrid course options: -

Online Mode

With our online course, you will receive a certificate for completion of your course and one-year full access to MaiLash & Brows. Additionally, you will learn through demo videos of live clients and PowerPoint presentations for online theory. By enrolling in this course, you will also get a mini kit, including tweezers, glue, eyelash trays, practice lashes, and a ceramic lash palette.

Hybrid Mode

Like an online course, you will get a certificate of completion with a hybrid course. However, with this course, applicants can also practice on live models and take training as the trainer's shadow. Additionally, our trainers will help you find your pace and further polish it.

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