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Lip Blush Scottsdale

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

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What is Lip Blush?

Lip blushing is a temporary semi-permanent cosmetic treatment in which pigments are deposited in your lips using tiny needles.

Though lip tattooing is another name for it, this is an advanced cosmetic improvement than conventional tattooing. Lip blushing involves altering the colour and form of the lips, therefore, making them appear more shaped and youthful.

Everybody's lips are unique, but there is no single definition of beauty. Lip Blush might interest you if you want to modify the asymmetry or colour of your lips.

MaiLash Brows offers the best Lip Blush in Scottsdale as it gives a natural effect of enhanced lip shape and colour with a fast and easy healing process. Our expert professionals provide the best lip blush in Arizona that gives you a refreshing and attractive look.

Procedure For Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is similar to lip tattooing in that it involves the application of colour to the lips. Lip Blush Scottsdale is carried out in the following manner:

  • To begin, our professional will numb your lips to reduce pain and discomfort.

  • We will discuss your preferred lip shape and tone, as well as any drawings of the shape with measurements to ensure as much symmetry is achieved as possible.

  • The process involves using little needles to deposit pigment into your lips to make an outline and fill in. To assist in generating an equal tone, this is done in numerous layers.

  • The entire procedure of lip blush at MaiLash Brows might take anything from one to two hours.

During The Procedure

The lips are the most sensitive area with hundreds of nerves. Before and during the Lip Blush procedure, a numbing agent is administered to assist in minimising discomfort. Everybody’s pain tolerance level is different; on the other hand, they may not experience any discomfort at all.

After The Procedure

Your lips may be swelling immediately after the Lip Blush treatment. This will go down in a few hours. Icing may help reduce swelling faster. Your lips will feel dry, chapped, and tight to the touch in the next few days. It is completely normal that the colour is vibrant during the first week. Aftercare ointment and complete post-procedure instructions will be given to you after your Lip Blush at MaiLash Brows in Scottsdale.

Benefits Of Lip Blushing

Lip Blush Scottsdale is a wonderful alternative if you're ready to refresh your lips in a stunning way. Get connected to MaiLash Brows for the best lip blush Arizona at compoetitive prices. Some of the benefits are:

Natural-looking Lip Blush Colour.

Lip blush provides the most natural-looking color to your lips. We can match the same colour of your lips slightly enhanced or tailor the colour to your desired result. The result is always natural looking after they are completely healed.

Improve asymmetry of your lip shape.

Our specialists at MaiLash Brows measure and draw the lip shape. Lip blush helps to create an outline for the lips. We can safely go 1mm outside of the natural lip tissue to help improve the symmetry.

Moisturized lips at all time

To make them look glossy, all you need is just Vaseline. Not only does it help to add shine to the lips, but it also keeps your lips moisturised. In the long term, it is better for your lips.

Get ready instantly

You may save time by skipping a complete step in your daily routine after obtaining semi-permanent lips. This is particularly useful on hectic days and whenever you don't want or need to wear a full face of makeup.

Why We Are The Best Lip Blush in Arizona?

MaiLash Brows’ experts have years of experience in the aesthetics industry and are generally regarded as excellent aestheticians for Lip Blush Scottsdale. Lip Blushing is one of our specialities. At MaiLash Brows, we only use high-quality products and pigments. Our mottos are:

Providing Natural-Looking Results

We take our craft to the next level. Natural results are the best results.

Tailor just for your own lips

Lip blushing is not a cookie-cutter; one size fits all. We really work with your existing natural shape and then enhance it by applying colour and shaping.

Looking For Best Lip Blush Services? Contact MaiLash Right Now!

Get the best non-invasive and semi-permanent cosmetic solutions that are tailored for you by our expert professionals to provide you with an attractive look and a beautiful appearance. Book your appointment now!

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