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IV Drip vs. Oral Supplements: Which is Better?

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Most people know of intravenous (IV) bags and probably associate them with surgery or being in the hospital. But as technology and science have become more advanced, did you know that IV can be used to deliver vitamins and nutrients 10 times more effectively than oral supplements?

IV drip vs. oral supplements pros and cons

What is the Differences Between Oral Supplements and Intravenous (IV)?

Both oral supplements and IV provide the body with important nutrients, but the significant different is in the way they are administered that directly affect the effectiveness of your vitamins.

  • Oral Supplements include tablets, capsules, and liquids that are taken by swallowing.

  • Intravenous Supplements are given through a tube that delivers the nutrients directly into your bloodstream.

Benefits of IV Therapy Over Oral Supplements

You might be thinking if you could get the same benefits with oral supplements, why would there be IV Therapy? The answer is simple: when it comes to hydrating your body and delivering 100% specialized nutrition, IV Therapy is flat-out more effective than any traditional oral supplements. It is delivered in one shot and effective immediately, unlike oral supplements which could take weeks and months.

Better Absorption
  • When you consume nutrients orally, they have to go through your digestive system and metabolize before your body can use them. It's a slow process and the REALITY is vitamins consumed orally are only around 45% bioavailable.

  • IV Therapy or IV Drip (aka. IV Infusion) allows your body to absorb 100% nutrients because, they bypass the laborious and time-consuming digestive process and go right into your bloodstream where, they can get to work. The end result is that you feel better faster.

IV Therapy Hydrates Your Body From The Inside
  • Fluid is the foundation of the IV Drip. It has the added benefit of instant hydration to your body much faster and more efficient than you can accomplish by just drinking water all day.

  • Saline is a combination of water and salt that is measured to have the same concentration of salt as in the natural body.

Immediate Effectiveness
  • Oral supplements because they have to go through so many hoops and loops of the digestive system that by the time your body uses them, there are only about 45% effectiveness.

  • IV Therapy completely bypass the digestive system so that your body receives the full benefits of all vitamins and nutrients.

What is IV Therapy Good For

If you cannot seem to get the benefits to address certain issues via oral supplements, IV Drip is your solutions in:

  • Overcoming inflammation

  • Dehyration

  • Fatigue and Sickness from flu-like symptoms

  • If you want to kick your immune system to high gear for prevention of sickness / Covid-19

  • If your skin is inflamed with acne

  • If you have brittle nails and weak hair

  • Dull skin and want to improve on your skin overall tone and complexion

  • More energy

  • For better sleep, mood and vitality

IV Therapy is a natural way to deliver nutrients directly into your body. At MaiLash & Brows, we strongly believe that Beauty and Wellness must go hand-in-hand. Clients can enjoy getting a Lash naps or Brow procedure while, receiving an IV Drip. We want our clients to truly Look and Feel Pretty Inside and Out.

You can now book your Lash/Brow appointment together with an IV Infusion

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