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Lash Lift After Care

How to take care of your Lash Lift when you just got them done. Here are some things to keep in mind when you got your MaiLash & Brows Lash Lift Scottsdale Arizona.


  • The first 24 Hours: Avoid water, swimming pool, oils, makeup remover, lotion, cream, or face wash on lashes.

  • No sauna/steaming, hot yoga, prolonged hot shower.

  • Do not use heated curler

  • You can use Mascara with Lash Lift.


  • Shape shifting (bended, tilted, dropped or misshaped) may occur if you are a side / stomach sleeper.

  • Using oily makeup remover may cause lashes to drop sooner.

  • "Relaxation" Stage: is when a few lashes start to shift to different directions. Lashes don't drop right away, rather slowly shifting. This may occur within the beginning of the 2nd week.

  • We recommend to wait between 8-10 weeks before your next Lash Lift.

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