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Eyeliner Tattoo Scottsdale

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

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Eyeliner tattoo is permanent eyeliner. It is a technique that involves using a needle to deposit pigment along the lash line or on the top of the lash line. Its benefit is to eliminate the need to use eyeliner every day. This pigment is permanent; however, it must be reapplied every 2-5 years. Eyeliner tattoos come in many thicknesses, ranging from very thin, natural-looking lines to bolder lines and even winged eyeliner.

MaiLash Brows provides Eyeliner Tattooing services to clients who want to look great all day long. You save time in drawing your eyeliner and just get up and go. Our eyeliner tattooing services range from a thin lash line enhancement to a full-fledged cat eye, winged style, thick, or smoky liner, depending on the client's preferences.

What To Expect During Your Treatment

MaiLash Brows’s eyeliner tattoo Scottsdale procedure has been refined throughout time. It involves minimal pain; rather, clients describe the sensation as uncomfortable and itchy due to the vibration of the machine. The procedure lasts about 45 minutes to an hour with a numbing agent applied before and during the treatment. You will not experience bleeding or irritation if you are numbed.

An eyeliner tattoo at MaiLash Brows in Scottsdale consists of five parts:

1. Fill out paperwork and forms

2. Numbing the eyes

3. Design of the shape

4. Application

5. Going over Aftercare

A touchup appointment is recommended in 6 to 8 weeks following the original treatment of the eyeliner tattoo to further polish the thickness, shape, and saturation of your new eyeliner.


After getting an eyeliner tattoo, there is little or no downtime. The pigment usually fades naturally within the first two to three weeks. It then resurfaces after a few weeks as the skin is healing. Use given aftercare by your technician 1-2 times per day for two weeks to keep the area moisturised. Avoid eye makeup for two weeks or makeup around the eye and brow bone to prevent follicles clogging and infection.

What Makes MaiLash Brows Different?

MaiLash & Brows is a semi-permanent cosmetic salon that offers safe eyeliner tattoo in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Our mission is to cultivate long-term relationships with clients while providing high-quality services. We take pleasure in offering high-quality beauty solutions, including eyeliner tattoo, at an accessible price. We get a competitive edge with the following attributes.

Extensive Knowledge and Experience

MaiLash Brows has the finest procedure with over tens of thousands of eyeliner tattoo in Scottsdale and other semi-permanent makeup procedures performed successfully for seven years.

Natural Looking Results

We have a special talent for creating natural-looking results, and you do not have to worry about the eyeliner looking unnatural.

Expert Artists

Over the course of several years, we've worked with many clients throughout the valley to bring you the most up-to-date methodologies in our eyeliner tattoo process.

Products Of Superior Quality

We only use high-quality pigments. You don't have to worry about pigment turning odd colours.

Team Of Specialists

We work with a creative and competent team of artists that have been specifically trained to give you the finest possible service.

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