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Brow Lamination After Care

How to take care of Brow Lamination properly. Some things that you should keep in mind after getting your brows laminated; here at MaiLash & Brows we offer Brow Lamination Scottsdale Arizona.


  • The first 24 Hours: Avoid water, swimming pool, oils, makeup remover, lotion, cream, or face wash on brows.

  • No sauna, steam room, hot yoga or prolonged hot shower.

  • You can use brow makeup, brow gel, etc.

  • Must brush brows every morning, in an upward direction and style your preferred way. Without brushing, brow hair (now that are softer) will be out of shape.

  • Apply Nourishing Lotion/Oil to keep your brow hair hydrated.


  • Using oily makeup remover may cause hair to drop sooner

  • Shape shifting (bended, raised, dropped or misshaped) will occur if you are a side / stomach sleeper.

  • If your brow hair is thick / coarse, they will drop sooner than thin / soft natural brow hair.

  • We recommend to wait between 8-10 weeks before your next Brow Lamination.

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