Lips makeup


“Semi-Permanent Lip Treatments are a Hollywood secret to fuller and more luscious pout.”

You will never have to worry about your lip color fades, reapplying your tint, or smearing lipstick. Subtle flush pink natural looking lips is every girl’s dream. Couple this with lip filler, you'll get the most natural plumped lips that is hard to detect [wink ;)]


Benefits of Lip Blush:

Lip Definition

Improved symmetry

Great option for loss of color due to aging

Great option for dark lips due to smoking

Improved thin lips

Correct ashy lip color

Low maintenance - you still have subtle blush color even without lipstick

Lipstick stays better on permanent makeup lips



If you have had cold sores or ever had one, you will need an antiviral prescription from your doctor before getting lip procedure. Cold sores happen anytime when there is stress to the lips. Taking the medication will help to suppress the cold sores. Physicians may instruct to take it 2 days before.

If you like to get lip filler, it is better to do after your permanent makeup lips procedure or, you must wait for 1 month for the filler to completely settle.

Read: Lips Pre-Care, Expectations & After Care


Lip Blush

Choose your artist:

With Master Artist Mai Le  

(Total procedures: deposit $100 + initial $300 + a touch up $100)

Payments are broken into 3 increments

With MLB Certified Microblading/PMU Artists

(Total procedures: Deposit $100 + initial $200 + a touch up $100)

Payments are broken into 3 increments

Semi-Permanent Makeup Lips procedure would benefit clients who, seek to enhance the current shape by giving the lips natural color and correcting small asymmetry.


We can achieve a naturally defined "just bitten" lip enhancement by using our Lip Blush technique (a.k.a Lip Tint, Aquarelle lips). *Most popular*

(Note: Clients who seek for an increase in the size of lips, would benefit more from lip filler procedure, rather than permanent makeup lips. With SPMU lips, we only fill maximum 1mm outside of the natural lips. Your lips will appear fuller when the outline is blended into the natural lips)

Clients who have natural dark pigmented lips (i.e. lips that have a level of melanin, lips that have become dark over time due to use of heavy lipsticks, from smoking, etc.)  will need to receive a Brightening Cover Up treatment (+$100). If you are unsure, please send us a picture of your lips.

Touch Up

Regular Touch Up (9-16 weeks from initial treatment):   $150

Regular Touch Up (17 weeks or more from the initial treatment): $200

Annual Touch Up (9-14 months): $300


1. To Book the appointment: $100 non-refundable deposit is to reserve the appointment.

(Deposit is forfeit if you cancel the appointment. You may reschedule within 72 hours advanced notice and up to 2 times within a year)

2. At the Initial Appointment: $200 is due.

3. At Touch Up: $100 is due. (If your touch up is after 8 weeks, it is no longer a part of the special.)

We reserve the right to refuse services. Prices are subject to change anytime.