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Microblading vs. Ombre Powder

What is the difference between Microblading and Microshading (aka. ombre shading, ombre brows, powdered brows)?

While both techniques are considered to be semi-permanent and last about the same time. Microblading and Ombre Powder are different because of the way each fades.


Microblading is done using a hand tool with a row of 14-16 needles lining up as blade to create hair strokes, one stroke at a time with a little gap in between to resemble the natural hair. Microblading uses slicing or cutting technique therefore it looks like real hair when, it is freshly done. Within these cuts, we place pigment. As the cuts going though healing, they don't look fine anymore but they look more like lines.

How Microblading Fades:

Microblading fades in strokes, meaning a few of hair strokes may fade down at a time. This may happens after the skin healing cycle is over (4-8 weeks). Therefore, it is expected that Microblading would still have gaps in between the strokes.

Clients often would still need to fill in the eyebrows.


- Natural looking for the first few months

- Works with naturally thick brows

- Works with normal - good skin type


- Invasive (bleeding because the technique involves cutting into the layers of skin)

- Does not have the longevity

- Not a long term solution

- Does not work with all types of brows and skin types

- Does not fade even

- Risk of developing micro-scar tissues

- Not for clients who already had previous microblading done

Who are the Candidates for Microblading:

- Clients with a good foundational frame work of natural brow hair.

- Clients who seek "very little" change in the current shape of their natural brows.

- Clients who like to look natural and don't mind filling in the gaps daily.

- Clients whose skin takes pigment very well.


(a.ka. Ombre brows, Ombre Shading, Magic Shading, Powder brows)

Powder can be done using machine to achieve a powdered look. Unlike Microblading where, gaps are required, Powder is similar to blending powder. Ombre is then done