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The longevity of your lashes depends on how well you take care of them. But how do you know what to do and what NOT to do? Read on... This manual will guide you through all the Do's and Dont in the lash world!


Refills every 2-3 weeks to maintain the fullness. In general, the more often you come for your refills the fuller they look. (I.e. if you choose 3 weeks fill option, it would look less full versus regular 2 week fills)

Comb your lashes daily

If you wear eye makeup, make sure to clean your eyelids and lashes daily with MaiLash Gentle Lash Foam Cleanser or Makeup Remover that is specifically for eyelash extensions. People who do not wear eye makeup should clean their lashes at least twice a week.

Clean your lashes separately from facial cleansing or showering to avoid facial cleanser getting onto the extensions which, can break the glue.

After shower, set your hair dryer in cool setting and blow dry your lashes. Keep it about 10 in. away! This will keep your lashes on longer and fluffier.

Sleep on a silk pillow case to avoid friction with your hair and lashes.

If you have oily skin, blot your skin and the eyelids areas. People with oily skin tend to have a poorer lash retention.

Pat dry your lids with a towel or better is paper towel, instead of rubbing.

After swimming, rinse your eyes with non-chlorine water to reduce chlorine residue.

Use eyelash growth serum 4 times/week to keep natural lashes strong and healthy. Just like skin, hair and nails, our eyelashes also need nutrients.

Latisse is currently the best growth serum with doctors prescription. It does an AMAZING job at keeping the natural lashes strong and healthy while prolonging the life if the extensions. MaiLash Serum is another natural option that is more the affordable side and it does wonders to the natural eyelashes as well.


Don't rub or scrub your lashes. Be gentle!

Pick, pull, or play with the eyelash extensions. It could cause them to premature.

Use an eyelash curler or heated curler. This will break the adhesive bond.

Use mascara or eyeliner on top or bottom lashes.

Use any oil-based products near your eyelids or lashes. Oil will naturally stripe off the adhesive bond.

No direct shower or water spray onto your eyelids. Nano-mister is OK, as it is just tiny particle of H2O.