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Classic vs. Volume Lash Extensions

There many different styles in lashes such as the curl, diameters and lengths. The most important aspect is you need to know the TYPE of eyelash extensions you are getting. There are 2 different types: Classic and Volume.


Ratio: (1:1)

Diameter of lashes used: 0.15mm

Number of Extension onto Natural Lash: 0.15mm x 1

The Classic type has been existed for about 10 years, originally started in Korea. This is a technique where, one extension is being attached onto one single natural lash.


  • Natural looking for someone who has a lot of healthy natural eyelashes.

  • Give off a "mascara" look since, it focuses more on lengths rather than volume and texture.


  • Not ideal for someone who naturally does not have thick or full lashes, as result can be very sparse looking.

  • Lashes being used for this technique is in larger diameters, therefore heavier.

  • Thicker lashes feel less soft.

  • Overtime can be damaging to the natural lashes. Our lashes grow in various lengths and each lash is in different life cycle. Classic eyelash extension technique is limited to one diameter being used, therefore lashes that are in early growing stage may still have to carry the same weight as other lashes.


Ratio: 2:1 or 3:1 or 4:1 or 5:1

Diameter of lashes used: 0.05mm or 0.03mm

Number of Extension onto Natural Lash: 0.05 x 2 or x3 or x4, depending on client's desire.

Volume Lashes is also called Russian Volume or Volume 3D Lashes. This is a newer technique in eyelash extensions. It has been around since 2013. This invention originated in Russia that, has taken the eyelash extension industry to the next level.


  • Ideal for anyone, whether you have naturally thin or thick lashes.

  • Allowing the artists to have the flexibility to customize the lash set to client's desire: natural or dramatic.

  • Lightweight lashes being used.

  • Lasts longer due to the fullness.


  • Clients cannot use any mascara or eyeliner on the top or bottom lashes to ensure the longevity of the extensions. Solutions: Use black eyeshadow as eyeliner.