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Booking Policy for Microblading and all Permanent Makeup Procedures

Thank you for booking your appointment with MaiLash & Brow Studio. We truly appreciate your business. Each of our artist works by appointment-only, time is important to us. Once a time slot is booked, we devote our attention to you to ensure quality. Therefore, we will not be taking another client within the same time slot that you have booked. Your time is valued and we hope you would to us as well, so we can continue this life-long relationship. Please kindly read our booking policy to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

  • Please arrive 30 minute in advance before your appointment time for numbing process. Showing up late will affect the appointment time frame and you will not be numbed as long. Please understand that we have to follow the schedule to ensure that we are on time for other appointments after you. If you would like to be numbed longer, please don't hesitate to arrive even earlier.

  • Please make sure to read Contraindications and Pre-Op Instructions prior to booking!

  • Due to the high volume of clients, to reserve an appointment, we require $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit on all Microblading and Permanent Makeup appointments. Please plan your date and time carefully before reserving! If you need to reschedule, you may do so with 72 hours notice. Rescheduling in less than 72 hours notice or Cancelling the appointment, deposit is forfeit.

  • No shows, will be charged HALF of the service price.

  • We do not collect payment in one appointment. Payments are in 3 increments, as follow: $100 non-refundable deposit, $100 at touch up, and the remaining at the initial procedure.

  • If you have previous eyebrow tattoo, micro-bladed eyebrows, permanent makeup lips/eyeliner; please send in a picture of them to make sure we can do the cover up/touch up work. Please note: If you do not send us a picture prior to booking and we are unable to cover the previous work, your deposit is forfeited due to the time frame already reserved by you.

  • In the event that instructions were not properly followed, we reserve the right to not to proceed with the procedure and your deposit would be forfeited. These includes:

  • You have one of the listed contraindications due to not reading prior to booking.

  • Failure to send in pictures of previous permanent makeup work and we are unable to work with.

  • Not following pre-op instructions (i.e. drinking caffein causing too much bleeding)

  • Booking the wrong date. Please understand that we will attempt on our end to send you email and text reminders to let you know about an appointment was booked. It is your responsibility to let us know if it was not the intended date before 72 hours.