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Microblading vs. Ombre Powder

What is the difference between Microblading and Microshading (aka. ombre shading, ombre brows, powdered brows)?

While both techniques are considered to be semi-permanent and last about the same time. Microblading seems to be more semi-permanent than Ombre Magic Shading because of the way it fades.


Microblading is done using a hand tool with a row of blades to draw hair strokes, one stroke at a time with a little gap in between to resemble the natural hair. Microblading looks absolutely like real hair when, it is freshly done. As the hair strokes go though healing period, it is normal that some strokes may not take well by the skin.

How Microblading Fades:

Microblading fades in strokes, meaning a couple of hair strokes may fade down at a time. A similar metaphor would be our hair turning gray, a few at a time. This may happens after the skin healing cycle is over (4 weeks). Therefore, it is expected that Microblading will still have gaps in between the strokes.

Clients often would still need to fill in the eyebrows. Microblading is a less-maintenance, rather than no-maintenance in your daily makeup routine.

Who are the Candidates for Microblading:

- Clients with a good foundational frame work of natural brow hair.

- Clients who seek "very little" change in the current shape of their natural brows.

- Clients who like to look natural and don't mind filling in the gaps daily.

- Clients whose skin takes pigment very well.


(a.ka. Ombre brows, Ombre Shading, Magic Shading, Powder brows)

Shading can be done either using hand tool or machine to achieve a powdered look. Unlike Microblading where, gaps are required in the work to resemble the distance between hair, Powder is similar to spraying or airbrushing. Ombre is then done in a way that, the artist skillfully transitions the shade of chosen pigment from dark to light. To create depth, the artist dust pigment concentrating from the tail and slowly transitions it to lighter shade, as it moves towards the front of the eyebrow. To define the bottom arch, the top outer rim of the eyebrow is also lighter and smooth. Result would resemble soft translucent powder under the brow hair making the current hair appears fuller.

How Ombre Powder Shading fades:

The result may look bold right after the procedure and appoximately for about 1-2 weeks (before scabs are gone), because there are no gaps in-between like in the Microblading. However, after the scabs are gone, the overall color fades more even, resembling the look of soft powdered eyebrows. The ombre effect will create depth making the brows look more realistic and full. This semi-permanent makeup technique is much different than the traditional tattoo where, it is just a solid block of color and deeper.

Who are the Candidates for Ombre Powder:

- Anyone would be suitable for this technique.

- Clients who wish to improve and change the natural brow shape.

- Clients who like powdered brow or makeup look, we would add more defined features to the shading.

- Clients who want a natural filled-in look without it looking like a tattoo.

- Ideal for client who likes to create a shape that is outside of the natural brow shape

- Alopecia or clients with little to no brow hair.

- Shading is a great way to add depth and texture.

Combination of Microblading and Ombre Powder Shading

This is also another choice, combining the art of both semi-permanent makeup techniques together to achieve the most natural looking result. While Microblading resembles the brow hair, shading serves as a powdery background if certain hair does not take by the skin. Microshading or magic shading also has an ombre effect with the tail to mid eyebrows being darker and slowly transition to lighter as it moves towards the front, creating a super natural look of filled-in brows without making them look tattooed.

At MaiLash & Brows, we value the integrity of our work by doing what is the best for clients. We listen to your desires, daily makeup routine and present the best choice for our clients making sure you leave with beautiful result.