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All About Microblading

What is Microblading?

Microblading involves the process of implanting the pigment onto the layers of your skin (epidermis that enters right above and into the dermis level) in hair-stroke like using a blade pen that is packed with 7-16 tiny needles. It is different from traditional tattoo where, the tattoo ink is deposited deep into the dermis using a tattoo machine and ink (instead of pigment for the face). Microblading enters through the epidermis, reaching to the dermal level. It is semi-permanent that can last anywhere from 2 - 3 years, depending on the after care and body conditions, with annual touch needed to refresh the color. Microblading is a great option because it gives off the illusion of fuller and thicker brows while, still looking very natural because of the hair strokes.

The reality of Microblading - what most internet articles don't tell you:

1. The hair strokes look very real, right after you just got your brows microbladed. As your skin is going through several healing phrases, hair strokes will settle in. As the result, each hair stroke will expand and overtime will create "shadow-like" under your brows. This is to not mistaken that the hair strokes from the first session will forever stay thin and crisp. The reason is because pigments once entered the skin, will be mixed with your natural undertone, melanin level, keratin, etc. and will change after healed and overtime.

2. Microblading is semi-permanent and what this means is that it does not stay longer than 2-3 years and pigment does not fade altogether. Why?

Let's compare the 2 techniques of permanent makeup machine shading and microblading, assuming on perfect skin:

  • Permanent makeup shading uses the device to go over small areas at a time but in multiple dots, ensuring each tissue of the skin within the brows is packed with pigment. Pressure stays consistent with machine penetration. Therefore, the result is a lot more intense when it is first done, but overtime it softens and fades pretty evenly.

  • Microblading: uses a manual blade pen to go one hair at a time. Hair strokes have tiny gaps in between creating a realistic look of real hair. Within each stroke, the technician may go over anywhere from 4-5 times to implant pigments. Manual hand has different pressure than machine. Needles are also different. Therefore, once the brows healed certain hair strokes will be taken by the skin and some will not. Microblading looks soft and natural when it is freshly done, but hair strokes WILL NOT stay and fade evenly vs. machine work. If you are planning on getting just Microblading, be prepared that certain spots fading fast is expected. This is true to every microblading work unless, it is gone too deep causing scar tissues, or technician used thick diameter blades, etc.

At MaiLash & Brows, we value the integrity of our work combining with the art of microblading and permanent makeup. We use diameter of blade that is suitable with each individual skin, producing nice, thin and crisp results. Clients who seek to prolong the result of Microblading, we recommend to opt for the Combination of Microblading & Permanent Makeup Shading.

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Who cannot get Microblading?

Please check the CONTRAINDICATIONS: Who Cannot Get Microblading / Semi-Permanent Makeup section.

Who May Not Benefit from Eyebrow Microblading technique?

Individuals with oily skin generally do not have clear crisp result after healing. Because of the abundant amount of oily production underneath the skin that, the microblading hair strokes tend to be blurrier, especially in the front by the T-zone area. Oily skin clients or client who have large sized pores would benefit more from micro shading technique.

Redhead clients may experience an ashy healed result due to the skin undertone that changes the pigment into ashy. Redheads tend to bleed more during the procedure.

Does it hurt?

You will feel "scratches" but it definitely does not hurt like a tattoo. We use a good topical anesthetic that helps with reducing the pain level. Many clients feedbacks were that it doesn't hurt rather, it's a discomfort feeling. People with sensitive skin may experience more sensation, but it is tolerable. There will be a topical anesthetic applied prior and during the procedure for your comfort.

Are there topical anesthetics given?

Yes, topical anesthetics of 5% Lidocaine will be given in the form of cream and gel prior and during the procedure.

Does microblading fade into a different color?

Microblading pigments are NOT the same as traditional tattoo ink where, overtime it will fade into a different shade such as green, blue, purple, or red. With the advanced technology in the permanent makeup, pigment being used is strictly used for facial permanent makeup, not body ink. Microblading pigment will fade overtime due to UV exposure, natural skin exfoliation process and individual lifestyles. An annual touch up is recommended to keep the hair strokes in place, otherwise they will just fade and eventually. As the hair strokes fade, they normally slowly expand and become more like a shadow under the brow hair, much like you pencil them in with powder.

Will I still look the same?

Absolutely, only better! Eyebrows are the frames of the face. Our primary focus is to create the most natural result that tailors to your unique brow bone and facial structure. It will blend in with your whole look in the most natural way while, complimenting and enhancing your natural features.

Is it safe? What we Use!

All of our microblading tools - blades and needles are 100% disposable, one-time use only! The pigment line that we use has been around for for over 25 years and get tested annually. FDA approved.

I am unsure of the right design for my eyebrows

Our prime focus is to work with the current shape of your eyebrows and enhance them by creating the most natural looking result. When you come in for the procedure, we will listen to your goals and desired look and recommend the most fitting shape based on your current brows, bone structure, and face. Showing pictures is definitely key to better communication since it is a form of an art. We will also pre-draw the brow shape for you to approve before proceeding.

Are my brows going to be symmetrical?

Everyone is different. Each of us has unique facial features. Nothing on our body is 100% symmetrical, even the tiniest thing such as the number of eyelashes. One side always has more number of eyelashes than the other. We may be using more forehead muscle one side versus the other. Overtime it may cause that side to be naturally higher. We are all born with unsymmetrical sides. We have tools that assist us with measuring the brows ensuring as much symmetry as possible. However, please keep your expectation realistic! Eyebrows are sisters, not twin.

Do I need to make a consultation?

Not necessarily. To ensure 100% accuracy in our Microblading work, we would draw, measure and design the shape to the point that you completely feel satisfy before they get micro bladed. This shape designing process will take 1 hour. Therefore, we feel that it is not necessary to come in for a face-to-face consultation because of the precision level that needs to be achieved. Text/Email/Phone consultation for questions is welcomed.

I have had permanent eyebrow tattoo done before, can I still get microblading?

Yes, you can, ONLY if they have lightened up by 90%. If your eyebrows are grey, black, or extremely dark we strongly recommend having them removed by tattoo removal first. People who have had eyebrow tattoo underneath, microblading may not show up as well as others. During the first few weeks the hair strokes may disappear, as they are healing the hair strokes will reappear again. It also depends on your after care. You would need to send pictures of your eyebrows to us prior to booking to make sure the work can be covered.

I have Alopecia or other medical conditions that caused my brow hair to fall off.

Microblading would be an option for you. Please keep in mind that because you do not have the brow hair to blend or camouflage the strokes, you may need to consider adding the Shading option to go on the top of the microblading hair strokes. You may also have to do more than 2 touch up visits to keep the pigment.

How far ahead should I book my appointment?

First of all, please review the after care instructions to make sure that you plan your microblading accordingly. Secondly, we stay pretty busy. Mai Le is currently booked out one month ahead. We do have other Microblading artists in house who, has been trained by Mai Le. As soon as you know your date, please book your spot via our online calendar.

What techniques are you using?

  1. We are using a hand tool that is packed with tiny needles lined up in a line (from 12-16 tiny needles).

  2. Mai Le has been trained by the world's most renowned master: David Zhang - the founder of Microblading. Over the years, her techniques have evolved to creating super natural looking eyebrows by designing a natural flow of strokes that resembles the real natural brow hair. Most importantly, her techniques will produce nice, thin and crisp results.

What pigment are you using?

The pigment for microblading is much different than tattoo ink. Microblading pigment is a blend of organic and inorganic pigment that allow the artist to have variety of selections that can match to the natural brow hair. The pigment line we are using has been tested for over 25 years.

Is Touch-Up Needed?

During the healing process, your skin is working on repairing itself. The lymphatic system is trying to push out all external particles to prevent contamination. That explains why the color implanting the first time may not be perfect after healing. All skin is different, responds differently during the healing process and keeps the pigment differently. Especially if your skin is oily, the pigments may not last as long because of the pigment distribution due to the abundant oil production underneath your skin. The price includes the initial procedure and a touch up between 5-8 weeks. Therefore, we do recommend using your complimentary touch up after the initial procedure.

What does a Microblading process like at MaiLash & Brow Studio?

The entire procedure will take about 2 and a half hours.

  • 30 mins: Fill out paperwork. Topical anesthetic cream will be applied.

  • 1 hour: We will discuss on the shape of your eyebrows. Using our tools to measure and design them. Using a wax pencil to pre draw the shape. Once we both agreed upon the brow shape, we proceed to numbing.

  • 1 hour: Microblading over the pre-drawn shape.