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Lips: Expectations & After Care


Lip Blush is semi-permanent makeup procedure that helps to not only add color to the lips but also help improving symmetry, thin lips, less defined lips, etc.


  • Please plan on arriving 30 Minutes in advance for numbing process.

  • 2 Days Prior: Exfoliate your lips with a gentle exfoliation method. Using gentle exfoliation sold at beauty store, using brown sugar paste or even gentle scrubbing lips using a toothbrush and toothpaste. This will allow maximum pigment absorption and less scabbing.

  • 1-2 Days Prior: Keep your lips super hydrated with Vaseline. The softer - less dry the better. Dry/cracked lips have a harder time taking in pigment.

  • It is BEST to get fillers on your lips AFTER the Lip Blush if you desire for more volume.

  • If you are planning on getting fillers on your lips before the Lip Blush, please do so 1-2 months prior to the procedure. The fillers need to be completely settled before we do the treatment.

***If you have history of cold sore, make sure to get doctor's prescription and take the medication 2 days prior and after to the procedure. Cold sore comes back due to any stress on the lip area. Do not take this lightly as it will more likely come back because you have had cold sore in your system.


  • Lips are the most tender area surrounded by delicate mucous membrane. We do numb the area before and during the procedure. However, you would still feel a little sensation but bearable.

  • First 2-3 days, lips will feel very dry and tight.

  • 4th day: the lips start peeling off. This is when the chapped lips feel the strongest.

  • Lips will continue to go through peeling for a week. It will look like small dry flakes. During this time, do not peel the skin off which causes pre-mature pigment and blotchiness. The best way to do is by applying a thick layer of Vaseline and gently massage the lips in gentle circular motion at night to loosen the crust.

  • After crust has peeled off, the lips look VERY pale like there is no color left. This is completely normal as the color will show back again in the next few weeks. Continue to use Vaseline 2-3 times/day for 2 months. You may wear lipstick, but ALWAYS remember to put a thin base of Vaseline. Do not let lipstick directly applied to the lips.

  • Final result cannot be judged after 2 months.


An after care instruction sheet will be given by your Artist.