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Eyeliner: Expectations & AfterCare

November 10, 2017

1 month prior: Stop usage of lash serums, lash lift and lash perm. Your lash line will be extremely sensitive. Pigment will not take as well.


Do not wear contact lens before the appointment and 48 hours after. The area is still tender.


Bring sunglasses. Your eyes could be light sensitive, and puffy or dilated immediately after.



After Care:

  • Apply cold compress wrap in a clean towel for swelling and redness right after the procedure and throughout the day the next day.


  • Rinse your eyes out with eye wash, visine, or clean water in the morning and evening for first 24 hours to rinse out any accumulated pigment that may be left.


  • Apply Aquafor/ A & D Ointment 3 times/day using a new q-tip each time, in dabbing motion. Ideally just a little bit of shine. It should not look greasy.


  • Sleeping with a pillow slightly elevated will help with puffiness within 24 hours.


  • Avoid mascara and eye makeup in general for 1-2 weeks after your eyeliner application. Then use a NEW tube only on the tips of lashes. NO WATERFROOF mascara until completely healed. You must not peel/touch the crust over your eyeliner with makeup removers.


  • Never apply peroxide or steroid creams around your eyes. 


  • You can wear makeup around, but not directly on the top of your permanent eyeliner until it is healed (all done with scabbing). Usually at least a week. Remember your skin is in a delicate condition after tattooing. How you treat it is as important as how I do the procedure. Do not rub or scrub the area. 


  • Gently wash your face, shampooing is fine. Do not let any fragranced lotions, or creams with exfoliants or alpha hydroxy acids near your eyes while healing. If you have questions about skin care products just keep them away from eye area for a few days to be on the safe side.




Eyes will be swollen and a bit red immediately after the procedure and within 48 hours. There will be swelling/puffiness the following morning when you wake up. This will be the worst of all the swelling. Do not be alarmed. Swelling is a natural reaction of your body to trauma.


Clients normally can go back to work in 2 days.


Your body will form a thin crust or scab over your eyeliner. It is important that the crust stays intact so the permanent eyeliner can heal correctly from the inside out. DO NOT pick at the crust. Taking it off will not make your eyeliner lighter, it will only pull out color before it is healed and cause blotchiness and increase the risk of infection. 


Your color will appear darker until it heals than you expect. This will soften as it heals. Permanent eyeliner is not meant to take the place of dramatic evening makeup. You may need to add to your eyeliner, once healed, to achieve a dark dramatic effect. This is normal. 




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February 12, 2020

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