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Shelbi sloan
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* Advanced Practice Registered Nurse

* Family Nurse Practitioner - Certified

* Certified Advanced Aesthetic Injector

Partnering with MaiLash & Brows Salon, Sloan Aesthetics team of nurses aims to help our clients not only feel confident about themselves, but also feel healthy; with services such as I.V Hydration, Vitamin B shots, Botox, Microneedling, etc. Bringing wellness into the scope of MaiLash & Brows salon, we want to become our clients' one stop shop for beauty and wellness. How amazing would it be if you could get your I.V done while, getting your lash nap?

Shelbi is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with experience in Dermatology, Cardiology, and Aesthetic Medicine. Shelbi has been a healthcare professional for 10 years and with that comes trust, experience, and professionalism not to mention her southern charm + hospitality. Shelbi is an Arkansas Native that now calls the valley home. She has invested many hours in education believing that knowledge is power and key to patient safety.


Sloan Aesthetics focuses on aging prevention and aging correction through non-invasive procedures. We believe that compassionate, high-quality personalized care should be applied to each patient. Our goal is to help improve self-confidence, in women and men, while creating natural results and enhancing their beauty.

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