Henna Brows

Non-Permanent Brow Filling

Henna Brows is the new generation of tinting and is one of the most effective tinting methods that, can stain the skin very well. Result of Henna Brows sets to powder like matte finish that lasts 7 - 14 days, depending on skin types and daily makeup routine. Many clients benefit from reducing the need to fill in eyebrows daily.

Derived from the henna tree, the henna is extracted from the leaves and flowers of the henna plant. Henna products are natural and suitable for everyone, even on most sensitive skin. Containing hydrolyzed proteins, vitamin complex and anti-oxidants, henna brow can actually helps to strengthen and restore the hair growth and improves the natural condition of the eyebrow hair. This makes it perfect for clients who have sparse, over plucked brows or are still recovering from a nightmare waxing experience. We have a wide range of different shades (from light blonde to dark brown) that can be applied according to clients' natural brow hair or desired shade.

How is Henna Brows different than Tinting?

Tinting uses an oxidant to open the cuticle of the hair and allows color to penetrate the brow hairs cortex through the oxidation process. Henna on the other hand, acts like a blanket over the hair and provides a coating to the hair shaft, coating the top layers of the hair cuticle only.  As the brow cuticle has a scale like finish this coating smooths out the finish, almost like buffing out the hair imperfections to give the appearance of a thicker, softer and smoother hair and eyebrow.

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The Complete Henna Brows


Includes brow mapping & shaping, henna brow, brow wax, and complimentary collagen lip treatment.

*most recommend as this option makes the henna looks even more polished*

Simple Henna Brows


Don't need brow shaping or waxing, just go straight to the henna? This option is for you.