eyeliner makeup


“The eyes are windows to the soul”


Eyeliner is the quickest way to enhance the beauty of the eyes. Semi-permanent eyeliner is a liner that is applied on the top of the lash line creating a liner effect, whether it is a thin or thicker line with a cat eye flick.

Lash Liner (aka. Lash Enhancement) is another great technique to bring subtle enhancement in creating depth for the eyes. It adds charm to your lash line making them appear fuller, without looking like you have eyeliner. It is a liner that is applied in-between your eyelashes and underneath the top lash line (right on the waterline of top lashes). It is a similar concept to “tight lining” in makeup artistry.


During you appointment, before proceeding, we will discuss about your goals, shape, and color preference.


You Should Consider Eyeliner/Lash Enhancement If:

You have difficulty applying eye liner because of unsteady hands or poor sight.

You are allergic to eye makeup or eyelash extensions.

You eyelashes are thin and super fine.

Eyeliners always smudge due to extensive work out, lifestyle, etc.

You want to look younger by adding depth to the eyes.

You just want a subtle enhancement to the eyes.


Read: Contraindications

 Read: Pre-Care, Expectations & After Care


Lash Liner (Lash-line Enhancement)

A liner that is applied under the lash line and in-between eyelashes to create an illusion of fuller and darker lashes that gives definition to the eyes and a more awake appearance.


With Mai Le or MLB Certified PMU Artists

(Total procedures: $100 Deposit + Initial $100  OR  Initial $150 with cat eye flick wing + $100 Touch Up)

Payments are broken into 3 increments

Combo Lash Liner + Thin Eyeliner or Stardust (shadowed) Eyeliner

Combination of lash enhancement and Thin classic eyeliner on the top with/without a flick on the outer corner. Making the lashes appear fuller and darker while, "lifting" the eyes. (Thicker eyeliner will be additional)

Stardust Eyeliner - thin or thick eyeliner with dusty shadow of blackish brown sprinkle just right above the eyeliner.


Choose your artist:

With Master Artist Mai Le  

(Total procedures: deposit $100 + initial $300 + a touch up $100)

Payments are broken into 3 increments

With MLB Certified PMU Artists

(Total procedures: Deposit $100 + initial $200 + a touch up $100)

Payments are broken into 3 increments

(Bottom eyeliner is not aesthetically up to date. Therefore we do not recommend getting bottom liner done)

Add-on / Touch Up

Wing (cat eye flick) added: $50

Thickness of the line: $50 - $100

Regular Touch Up (10-16 weeks from initial treatment):   $150

Regular Touch Up (17 weeks or more from the initial treatment): $200

Annual Touch Up (9-14 months): $250

​After 14 months: price varies depending on fading

New Clients Touch Up: Please send us a picture of your current eyeliner without makeup and under natural lighting before booking.


1. To Book the appointment: $100 non-refundable deposit is to reserve the appointment.

(Deposit is forfeit if you cancel the appointment. You may reschedule within 72 hours advanced notice and up to 2 times within a year)

2. At the Initial Appointment: $100 is due if Lash Line only, $200 is due if Eyeliner or Combo.

3. At Touch Up: $100 is due. (If your touch up is after 8 weeks, it is no longer a part of the special.)

We reserve the right to refuse services. Prices are subject to change anytime.