Worldwide professionals trust MaiBrows Microblading Semi-Permanent Makeup (SPMU) brand. To ensure flawless results, we offer thinnest diameter blades and needles enabling us to create finest hair strokes or pixie powder; including trusted pigment lines. We have many tools to measure and draw the eyebrows that allow us to achieve symmetry and the golden ratio.


To ensure 100% accuracy on our eyebrow work, face-to-face consultation is NOT required. Before each appointment, we take the time to consult with each of our clients to fully understand the desired result, by identifing your natural beauty features. We focus on designing the shape that is most suitable to your natural brows, using measuring tools. Then, show you the shape for approval or to make adjustments to personal preferences. We will then discuss which method of SPMU is suitable for you. The art of SPMU Eyebrows is not a cookie cutter one shape/technique fits all, rather it is an art that should be tailored to each individual, as we embrace uniqueness in features. 


Whether it is Microblading or Ombre Powder, we tailor the techniques specifically just for you - your brows and skin type.  After we have agreed on the shape that we have precisely designed and chosen technique, the treatment is then proceeded. Because of this precise process, we do not recommend face-to-face shape design consultation.

For questions, we encourage our clients to do research by reading our articles, and ask as many questions via texting.

MUST read before proceed.


Pre Care Instructions

Post Care Instructions and Realistic Expectations

Helpful Articles to Read:

All About Microblading

Microblading VS. Ombre Powder

Our Tools and Techniques


 1.   Arrive 30 minutes before your appointment time for numbing process.

 2.   Follow Pre-Operation Instructions carefully prior to the appointment.

 3.  If you fill in your brows everyday, please do so before coming in. Even if you don't like the way you fill them in, still do so or please show us a picture.  This will help us to better understand your everyday makeup routine and help making the consultation process a lot smoother.

 4.   Do homework and bring pictures of desired shapes, please keep it relevant to your natural shape.

​ ​5.   Have a clear vision of the result you want to achieve, whether you simply just want them to look filled in – natural, or reconstructing the full shape. We will help you achieve the result you desire by pre-drawing and giving recommendations.

 6.   Please keep it realistic; eyebrows are sisters, not twin! Bone structures, forehead muscles (one side could be stronger), and tissues (one side could be more plumped) are different on each side, therefore light bouncing off causing optical illusion.​​ If there is asymmetry in forehead muscle, your artist will inform you if botox is needed.

 7.   Follow Post-Operation Instructions for 4 Weeks after the procedure. Specific instructions will be given by your technician. Please Trust the process!

Existing Eyebrow Tattoos

We cannot perform eyebrow design on your skin unless it is 80% - 90% lightened. Otherwise, it is recommended that you remove the previous tattoo with laser or tattoo removal.​ If you are unsure, please send in a picture of your eyebrows in natural lighting to us at

(480) 707-3399.

Touch up on other artist's work 

Please send us pictures of your current eyebrows in natural lighting (front, left, and right side) to (480) 707-3399. We want to make sure we can touch up on other's work due to differences in techniques, pigments being used, etc.


To ensure a successful healed result, plan your microblading appointment accordingly to your lifestyle and work. Please REVIEW the Post-Operation Instructions, before making an appointment. This will list the downtime, what to expect during healing, and how to take care of them properly.


Choose 1 of the 3 techniques:

Eyebrow Microblading

Ombre Powder Brow Shading

Combination Microblading & Shading

Total Procedures: Initial Treatment + a Touch Up (5-8 weeks):  $600

Choose your artist:

With Master Artist Mai Le  

(Total procedures: deposit $100 + initial $400 + a touch up $100)

Payments are broken into 3 increments

With MLB Certified Microblading/PMU Artists

**on Special $450**

(Total procedures: Deposit $100 + initial $250 + a touch up $100)

Payments are broken into 3 increments


1. To Book the appointment: $100 Non-Refundable Deposit to reserve the appointment.

(Deposit is forfeit if you cancel the appointment. You may reschedule within 72 hours advanced notice and up to 2 times within a year)

2. At the Initial Appointment: certain amount is due

3. At Touch Up: Remaining $100 is due. (If your touch up is after 8 weeks, it is no longer a part of the special.)

Current  Client Touch Up

Missed appointment of Touch up between 5-8 weeks:   $150

Touch up between 6-8 months: $200

Annual Touch Up (9-14 months):   $250

2-Year Touch Up (15-24 months): $300

After 2 Years: a new procedure is recommended if faded by 70-80%.

New  Client Touch Up

Please send us 3 pictures of your eyebrows without makeup before booking: left, right, and front.

We will evaluate if the existing pigment is workable using MaiLash & Brows techniques. If it is, we will discuss with you on shapes - whether to keep the current or change it.

$300 - $350

Additional Techniques

Regular/Additional Touch up:  $150

We reserve the right to refuse services. Prices are subject to change anytime.